Doctor Who The Face of The Enemy

I am The Doctor, I am in pursuit of my greatest, most terrifying enemy, not a Dalek, a Cyberman. Nor The Master or a Weeping Angel, it's none of those. My enemy (the enemy I always feared could be unleashed on the galaxy), makes tangling with them seem like child's play. My enemy is me.


1. The Incomplete Man

I'm Sorry, You Can't Love Me.


That was the last line of his letter, I'm sorry you can't love me.


Rose wasn't surprised she had tried, she really did try to love him, but he wasn't The Doctor well he wasn't her Doctor, he looked like him and even sounded like him he had everything about her Doctor, his mannerisms facial expressions but he just wasn't him, he was a copy.


That was the cruellest thing she'd ever said to him in one of the many times they argued telling him that he was an imitation, little more than just a photocopy of the real thing.


Mind you, what he said in response was just as cruel telling her Doctor her precious real Doctor had gotten over her, outgrown his little Rose Tyler. How else could she explain him leaving her in the alternate universe.


That got Rose thinking things that upset her


Sure the first time he didn't have a choice, but the second time when he'd left her once again stood on that Norwegian beach even after he had let Mickey go back home, that felt like a slap in the face.


Eventually Rose came to accept that what this Doctor had said might have some truth to it and it made her angry and as much as she hated to admit it she took that anger out on him. 


Rose also hated to admit that her mum had known all along it was a bad idea. From just a few days after returning from Bad Wolf Bay Jackie had started to warn her not to get into anything serious with the human Doctor as she liked to call him.


Sure, she'd suggested Rose sleep with him to see what it was like doing it with a thing that was part Alien. Although typically Jackie didn't sugar coat it like that, but she insisted it would all end in tears.


All the while they were together the words Jackie said were in her head and in the end she was proven right as sure enough the cracks began to appear in the relationship and within a year of their first meeting Rose and The Doctor or David Noble the name he'd decided to use was gone; leaving the note she held in her hand asking her not to bother looking for him.


He already knew she wouldn't, she had a life of her own a life being busy running Torchwood, a life that had never truly been meant to include him. 


It was up to him now to prove to her and to everyone, especially him, that he is more than just a copy of The Doctor.


It would be tough, but he knew he could become something great, he just didn't know how, yet.

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