Do I Scare You

I felt him grab my waist and dig his fingernails into my flesh. His lips were close to my ear. "You can't hide Camille, I know everything about you, if you move I'll find you." He whispered dangerously.


2. 02

Camille's POV

I was at the flat alone and it was about a week after the incident with Harry when I heard a knock on the door. I walked to it and opened it to see none other then, yup you guessed it, Harry Styles. I was utterly speechless. He was looking at me with those green eyes and I backed up. "Go away," I managed to say and attempted to slam the door but he stopped it with his hand and came in. "Yeah I don't think so sweetheart," he growled, I was cornered into a wall and he smirked, "nowhere to go now huh," he said to me, I kneed him in the balls and he instantly backed up giving me space to run. I was almost to the door when I felt his hands grab me so tight that I yelped in pain. "You think you can get away? You think you can do that? I don't think so, you're fucking mine," he growled and I began to cry. He turned me and slapped me across the face, "STOP CRYING!" He yelled, I cried even harder and just when I felt it was hopeless Kimberly walked in. "I went-OH MY GOD!" She screamed and he ran out the door before anything else happened. I fell to the ground in tears and Kimberly rushed to my side and rubbed my back.

Harry's POV

I didn't mean to slap her. I just freak out when girls cry. It's my weak spot. She's the one person I don't want to scare. I don't want to hurt her. She's beautiful, I don't want to ruin her beauty. I'm pretty sure she's heard the rumor by now about me. It isn't true. Yeah I'm the leader of our gang but I never beat my last girlfriend to death. She got shot in a shoot off between my rival gang and our gang. I told her to wait in the car but when I was shot she ran to me and that caused them to shoot her. She died in my arms. Her last words to me were "I hate you Harry" ever since then I've never wanted to fall in love. Well that didn't work out since I saw Camille, she's just the perfect girl and I want her as mine. I don't know what to do.

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