Do I Scare You

I felt him grab my waist and dig his fingernails into my flesh. His lips were close to my ear. "You can't hide Camille, I know everything about you, if you move I'll find you." He whispered dangerously.


1. 01

Camille's POV

My friends and I were shopping and having a great time together today since we haven't had time to hang out in forever. "I'm starving," Angelica whined, "food court it is," I laughed and we started towards the food court. As it came into view a really attractive guy with curly brown hair, beautiful green eyes, tan skin, and a couple tattoos walked by and winked at me. I heard the girls gasp and looked at them confused. "What?" I asked them, "don't you know who that is?" Kimberly said to me quietly since the guy was still nearby with a couple of his own friends. "No who?" I asked her totally clueless, "that's Harry Styles, rumor has it he and his friends are a gang, he's the leader, and the last girlfriend he had he beat to death," Angelica said to me and I glanced at the attractive guy. "Well I'm glad it's just a rumor, now let's go eat," I said and we walked into the food court. I got a nice burger and fries from Johnny Rockets and sat down with my friends. We sat outside since all the seats inside were taken. We laughed and talked about boys. "So are you and Caleb dating or not?" Kimberly asked me, "we're just friends, he likes me but I don't think we'll go any farther then that," I said and suddenly a shadow cast over the table. My friends dropped their food and looked terrified. I turned and saw Harry. He seemed to enjoy the reaction of Angelica and Kimberly but quickly turned his attention to me. "I want you to come sit with me," he said demandingly, "do I look like your puppet? I don't do what you tell me to." I snapped at him. His jaw clenched and fists balled up, "I think you should go sit with him Camille," Angelica said scared, "no, he doesn't own me," I said and he grabbed my arm too tight and yanked me up. "Listen up you little bitch, you can't disobey me," he growled, "or what?" I challenged, "or your friends are as good as dead by the time they get home tonight," he threatened. I sighed and yanked my arm away. I picked up my bags and my food and went with him. He sat beside me and I saw his friends stare. "Don't fucking stare at her," Harry snapped at them and they all looked away. "You don't even know my name yet you're acting like you own me," I growled at Harry, "it's Camille Miller, you just graduated high school and live in a flat with your friends, you go to the local community college and you're striving to be a fashion designer," he said emotionless, I went silent and returned to eating. He leaned to my ear, "I know everything about you Camille, I've done my research, there's nothing you can hide from me..." He whispered and I felt my heart fill with dread. That meant he knew where I lived as well. Great. A violent stalker, just what I need in life.

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