Star Trek Defender

The bloodiest war in their History's is over, now Starfleet and The United Federation of Planets are looking to rebuild and to move towards a more peaceful future.

One man seeks to challenge the hierarchy of the Federation.

One finds himself unexpectedly rising to the top of Starfleet.

Leading to the launch of a brand new Starship with a brand new crew, intended to be a force to show its enemies that Starfleet and the Federation will defend its principles and its members.

The brand new Starship Defender may just lead the way to a new era.


18. Yesterday When The War Began Chapter One

David sat on the bridge of the USS Melbourne, Captain Reynolds having left him in charge, knowing how much this meant to him.


The Captain having discussed at length with David why he was so keen to get back here a few days earlier as Reynolds tried to talk him out of handing in his transfer request.


Once Malcolm accepted he hadn't been successful and resigned himself to losing an excellent first officer, he was happy to let David have this moment of his homecoming to himself and stayed in his ready room.


David stood up, getting out of the Captain's chair where he had been sitting, staring at the sight of DS9 on the view screen getting bigger as they got closer his sense of anticipation and a new found peace growing along with it.


Freeing him from the feeling of isolation he had built up while he served during the war in the hope it would have spared him the psychological impact of losing crew members and colleagues during the war.


He felt an overwhelming sense of relief at coming home. Letting the first positive thoughts he'd had in a long time sink in.


He moved closer to the helm to get a better look and gave the order to contact DS9 and inform them of their arrival, requesting they be allowed to dock and the crew permission to come on board.


David heard her voice over the comm channel before he saw her. Jien unusually being the one to confirm the Melbourne's clearance to dock and directing them to an open slot on the docking ring.


Then when their main viewscreen changed from the cold grey metal exterior of the once Cardassian run space station to the interior, David saw her again.


Seeing Jien in ops as she promised when they parted made him happier than he had been in a long-time.


David saw her smile and instantly smiled back, seeing her again, seeing the smile on the face of the woman he’d so easily fallen in love with made him feel a million times better.


Reminding him of the first time he saw her sitting at a table in Quarks bar reading a Starfleet engineering manual.


Seeing her smile, the bright beautiful smile he’d fallen in love with he instantly felt at home and felt safe, which he knew that was more to do with seeing her than being back at the station.


Jien did something unusual that had the other crew members looking at her in amusement before she left ops to get to the docking port so she could meet him as soon as he disembarked.


David saw her and for a brief moment wondering what she was doing as he watched her perform a salute until the memory came flooding back to him of the last time he'd seen her.


Jien made her way up to Ops, it didn't yet feel normal sometimes being stationed up there since her promotion. Nor was it normal to come to ops for a Starship docking procedure.


She had asked Lieutenant j.g. Nog do it this time as a favour, which he was happy doing, well after he got permission from Colonel Kira.


Having just been promoted to Lieutenant junior grade, he couldn't help double checking he had the ok before carrying out anything outside his normal duties.


Jien took Nog's place and made contact with the incoming ship. 


Ops viewscreen blinked to life and some Starfleet Ensign she'd never met before appeared.


"Good morning Melbourne, DS9 stands ready to begin docking sequence," the Ensign answered.


"Ok, good Melbourne welcome to Deep Space Nine. I'm directing you to docking ring port 12," Nog told him.


She recognized his voice before she saw him.


"Ok Ensign, I'll take it from here," David said as he took the young officers place at helm control to guide the ship into dock.


The moment she fully saw him as he sat at the helm, she felt such an immense sense of relief, that didn't last long when she got a good look at him.


She saw the look of concentration on his face, the way his lips were pressed so tightly they looked as if they were glued together and the way his eyebrows could almost touch each other as he scrunched up the space at the top of his nose right between his eyes.


The signs of concentration he got whenever he had to do something he felt a little unsure about.


In this instance she guessed it had been a while since he was the one who docked a Starship with a space station. Rather than giving a junior officer the order to do it.


As he completed the task he finally looked up and saw her.


She saw the smile on his face and she knew he was so pleased to see her, but she also saw something worrying beneath it.


It wasn't just that his hair had grown a little longer, nor was it the scruffy beard he was sporting, it was that she could see how hard it was for him to hold that smile.


She saw the signs of someone who probably wasn't getting enough sleep, but also a weariness in the way he sat, his shoulders sort of hanging lower his head leaning further forward.


Even when he stood up and moved away from helm control to come and stand closer to the view screen on the bridge of his ship, he wasn't walking with anywhere near the level of confidence he had done before the war.


The one thought that immediately sprung to mind was.


"I'm going to help him get back the man inside, the man I fell in love with."


"Maybe not all by myself, but I will be there for him, the way he was at my side in my darkest moments."


A lighter thought entered her head and she had to suppress the urge to laugh.


"Ooh yuck , I hate that beard, it will have to go; at the very least he'll have to trim it, if he ever wants me to kiss him again."


She smiled to herself happy beyond compare to have him back although for a brief moment wondering what she was doing until the memory came flooding back of the main reason she came up their and she watched the smile on David's face change from a smile to mild confusion as he watched her perform a salute.


Then just as with David, Jien found herself thinking about the past and her memories of the last time they'd seen each other came flooding back.


Two years ago, the day the Dominion war began. The day Starfleet abandoned DS9.


They met in the corridor on level 8, both of them were on their way to level 6 where both of their quarters where situated. Jien coming up from engineering, David on his way down from Ops.


"David," Jien called to him as she saw him coming towards her.


"What's going on, you're really leaving, Starfleet's really going to evacuate."


"Yeah, Starfleet really is leaving, I don't agree with it. I told Captain Sisko as much, but it's no use we're pulling out."


"That's not why I came to talk to you, there's nothing I can do about that."


"What is it about David, you've got me worried."


"This is about me, about us."


"Well, it's a good news, bad news thing. The good news I got a promotion."


"Oh David that's fantastic news," her joy short lived when she thought about what he'd said about having good and bad news.


"What's the bad news," she asked not sure what to expect.


"I'm not going with Captain Sisko I mean I'll be evacuating on the Defiant we're going to meet up with the rest of the fleet and from there I'm being reassigned."


"Wait, why what does that mean, you're being reassigned, reassigned to where."


"I don't know yet, so I can't tell you anything and I don't know when I'll see you or even get to speak to you again."


"Even when Sisko retakes the station," David added, with a forced smile on his face trying to put on a brave face.


"Which I'm sure he will do," Jien said equally unsure she believed what she just said.


"He'll have to if we are to have any chance of winning this war." David added, that he did believe.


"Whenever it happens I won't be with him."


"In all honesty..." He said, pausing filled with uncertainty over what he would be about to say next.


"In all honesty I may never get back here," he blurted out without thinking.


Neither of them willing to acknowledge the unspoken truth behind what he meant.


He paused briefly before continuing.


"We have no idea how long this war will last."


"I have no clue if the Federation can win, I have no idea when I will get back to you and that's all I want to do."


Seeing the look of fear and sadness on her face, David decide to change the tone and go for a bit of optimism, even if it did mean telling her a little white lie.


"You know what, enough with all the doom and gloom. Here and now I'm telling you I will get back here, I promise you."

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