Star Trek Defender

The bloodiest war in their History's is over, now Starfleet and The United Federation of Planets are looking to rebuild and to move towards a more peaceful future.

One man seeks to challenge the hierarchy of the Federation.

One finds himself unexpectedly rising to the top of Starfleet.

Leading to the launch of a brand new Starship with a brand new crew, intended to be a force to show its enemies that Starfleet and the Federation will defend its principles and its members.

The brand new Starship Defender may just lead the way to a new era.


5. Light Years Away

Commander David Shepherd, currently the first officer aboard the USS Melbourne. As it is on its way to Cardassia Prime in its first post war assignment.


Taking Rear Admiral Warren Cole and his staff and Federation Ambassador and former Federation President Jaresh Inyo and his staff to Cardassia Prime.


Per the terms of their separate peace agreement negotiated by self-appointed liaison Elim Garak. Cole and his team will be overseeing the dismantling of what's left of the Cardassian military; while Jaresh Inyo and his advisors are going to see what medical and infrastructure help they need to rebuild.


Admiral Cole thinks he'll only be stationed there a few weeks, unaware of Larenkas' intentions to leave him there indefinitely.


While Jaresh Inyo knows he will be staying on as an acting head of government until they legitimately elect a civilian run government, one that hopefully won't get overthrown in a military coup like the previous attempt.


David was happy with the Melbourne's assignment as is it meant they'd be making a stop at Starbase Deep Space 9 where he served for nearly five years until his reassignment the day the war began.


He had one special friend in particular he hadn't seen and rarely been able to speak to since he left. She served on DS9 and he knew she would be as excited as him that they will finally get to see each other again.

The Melbourne is twelve hours away from DS9, David is in his quarters having just finished his duty shift, out of uniform just some old casual trousers and his favourite old t-shirt that had the letters W.W.K.D on it. 


Which if anyone asked he was only happy to tell them stood for What Would Kirk Do? referring to Captain James Tiberius Kirk the infamous captain of the Starship Enterprise who he had admired since he was a child.


David lay down on his bed as he was about to start dictating a log entry before going to sleep.

Personal log: Stardate 52830.1

“The Dominion War is over at last and this is my first personal log entry since it began, well the first one I intend to keep anyway, the others, they were to let off any pent-up aggression I may have had at the time."

"I need to make this one, or at least the ships counsellor says I do, because I need to somehow make sense of all that’s happened to me in that time, okay so let me start at the beginning."


"Before the war I was a lieutenant commander serving aboard DS9, then at the outbreak of war when Starfleet, foolishly in my opinion decided to abandon the station."

"Anyway, once that happened, I received a promotion to Commander and an assignment to the USS Hood as first officer, I saw a lot of, well action doesn’t seem the most appropriate word, but it’ll have to do, lost a lot of crewmembers which didn’t affect me like I think it should have."

"That's because I hadn’t really gotten to know any of them, I kept my distance, deliberately. That's unusual for me, I love to make friends wherever I serve."


"Yet in my three months aboard until the Jem’Hadar destroyed it, I hardly said a word to anyone under my command or to Captain Desoto outside of duty related matters and when almost half the crew, including the captain died, I just put it behind me as best I could and moved on."


"After that, I transferred to the USS Dakota, again, I kept to myself not making any effort to fit in and make friends. I knew that if I did I would just end up mourning them after they were killed."

"I wasn’t prepared to put myself through that, so I just performed my duties and retired to my quarters when I was off duty."


"Sadly, I was proven right the Dakota saw heavy combat, over the eight months I served on her we lost a quarter of the crew, and then the Breen destroyed it."


"After a short period recovering from injuries sustained while getting crew members to the escape pods as they evacuated. I transferred to the USS Melbourne under Captain Malcolm Reynolds where I served out the last days of the war."


"During my service I’ve known officers who’ve been killed before, but I never believed that I would see let alone live thorough a war, I have to wonder why I survived when more capable officers who’d seen more combat didn’t."


"When my mother and brother didn’t."


"Anyway wandered off my point, which was that before the war I’d had a fairly unspectacular career, I somehow never managed to fit into a particular role so I was forever being used in all departments wherever I served, engineering, security, operations, sciences. 


All except medical, there I’m useless, wouldn’t know one end of a laser scalpel from the other, a thought struck him, "wait do they actually call them laser scapels, hmm I don't really know."


"Never mind, anyway, in any other department, you name it I could work in that field, a sort of Jack of all trades to use a 20th century expression."


"It may sound like I was only an adequate officer, I wasn’t I regularly received praise from department heads and Commanders, the fact is just knowing I can do whatever I'm asked, and I am happy doing it is all I’ve needed."


"I honestly never felt the desire to make Captain or even Commander for that matter that pushes on most officers, including Litana Tyrl my friend since the academy, she’s always preferred giving orders to taking them."


"I’ve never sought out positions of command or responsibility on that scale and if I don’t get there at all in my career I won’t be upset or feel like a failure. Unlike at least one person I know who never rose beyond the rank of lieutenant, and is still bitter about it. I guess that makes me either unique or a fool, probably up to others and the passage of time to decide."


"As of now though, now that the war is over and I know where I want to go, back to DS9, I informed Mal and put in an official transfer request to Starfleet command, so hopefully it will go through quickly and easily."


"Veered slightly off topic again, so I’ll leave this for now, as we’re hours from docking at DS9 and I need to sleep before we arrive as there is someone there waiting for me someone very special to me, who I haven’t seen for some time and who I want to spend every possible waking moment with, End log."


Having closed out his log entry, David reached up turned the overhead lamp off rolled on his side and closed his eyes, a few minutes later he was sound asleep.


The first time in a long time he had drifted off to sleep so quickly.

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