Star Trek Defender

The bloodiest war in their History's is over, now Starfleet and The United Federation of Planets are looking to rebuild and to move towards a more peaceful future.

One man seeks to challenge the hierarchy of the Federation.

One finds himself unexpectedly rising to the top of Starfleet.

Leading to the launch of a brand new Starship with a brand new crew, intended to be a force to show its enemies that Starfleet and the Federation will defend its principles and its members.

The brand new Starship Defender may just lead the way to a new era.


Author's note

A work longer in the making than you could imagine. Ongoing on here since 2014, the idea and the desire to write it have been with me even longer than that.

13. Leave The Past Behind Chapter Two

"Funny thing, you don't have to worry about Veloru as if what I heard is true he isn't Fleet Admiral anymore, well he won't be after tomorrow."




"I saw Admiral Veloru in deep conversation with your predecessor."


"Larenka's not my predecessor yet."


"True, but one can hope."


"Anyway, I saw the two of them talking and what I saw didn't look like the friendly chit-chat you'd expect from such close allies."


"Given what I was seeing I decided to get as close as I could."


"I couldn't hear every word being said, so I'll just share the big news with you."


"Veloru is stepping down." Burton raised his eyebrows and his mouth dropping open slightly in complete surprise.


"Yeah that was pretty much my reaction, Jeffrey said seeing the look on Russell's face."


"The Fleet Admiral it seems has lost the taste for command and is resigning from Starfleet altogether."


"Not only that, I got some clue to something which might force his hand and make Larenka step aside as well."


"If that isn't a sign from the universe that you're meant to lead from now on I don't know what is."


"You know I don't believe in that fate or signs stuff, didn't think you did either Jeff, that sounds like your Husband talking."


"Yeah, that probably is him talking. Still it is lucky for us the biggest supporter Larenka has is no longer in his corner and it seems he will no longer be head of Starfleet either could be incredibly fortunate for us."


"Any word on who could replace him."


"Well, I gathered at one point that Veloru and Larenka were talking about his successor, unfortunately I wasn't close enough to hear him say the name."


"However I could tell it was a choice Larenka was unhappy with."


"I’ll speak to Veloru, find out his plans and if he's ready to give us the full story of what caused his fall out with Larenka."


"I will do my best to get him to meet you and tell you all about it and anything else that might be beneficial to us."


"Do that Jeffrey, tonight if possible. I want to know who it is, I need to know if it will be someone I can work with."


"We wasted too much time in the past with The Federation and Starfleet acting almost as if they had separate agendas."


"Whether I am the next Federation President or someone else is and whoever the next Fleet Admiral is, they need to work together to make both organizations stand strong."


"Don't worry Russell; you can count on me to find out who Veloru has chosen."


"I may not believe fate, luck or signs are why I was close enough to President Larenka at the time, that I was in the right place at the right time because I wanted to talk to him. I hoped I could once again offer him the chance to stand down and take up any place he wanted on any Federation world."


"I hoped that in less adversarial circumstances he would listen to reason, but after the conversation I between him and Veloru I saw, I decided it definitely wasn't the right time."


"Just as well really, because now we might have a back up to use if he doesn't go for that option."


"You're right if this were any other place I would say you had good fortune being in the right place to overhear some of that conversation. It's just that it is here and using words like fortune stick in my throat."


"There is nothing good here only the memories of death, memories of lost children," Burton said his voice trailing off at the end, as tears began to fill his eyes.


Seeing his friend in pain, feeling it himself at the memories of his sisters little boy, the young man he became and the unfulfilled potential his future held. He started talking about him as a child hoping to get Russell away from thoughts of his death.


Russell blinked back those tears as Jeff talking about him brought back memories of a happier times with his son most from when he was still a child, still his little boy.


"Let's get out of here Jeff, it's time to leave the past behind and move forward. We have a big task ahead."


"No less than saving the Alpha Quadrant, if not the entire galaxy," Russell said as he turned around and began walking towards exit.


Jeff caught up to Russell and they continued to talk about their plans as they walked away from the memorial heading for the shuttle port to take hem back to Paris.

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