Star Trek Defender

The bloodiest war in their History's is over, now Starfleet and The United Federation of Planets are looking to rebuild and to move towards a more peaceful future.

One man seeks to challenge the hierarchy of the Federation.

One finds himself unexpectedly rising to the top of Starfleet.

Leading to the launch of a brand new Starship with a brand new crew, intended to be a force to show its enemies that Starfleet and the Federation will defend its principles and its members.

The brand new Starship Defender may just lead the way to a new era.


Author's note

A work longer in the making than you could imagine. Ongoing on here since 2014, the idea and the desire to write it have been with me for a few years longer than that.

21. Career Day Chapter Two

The speech he hadn't written yet and didn't have the time to start writing now.


He saw how badly he and Veloru had planned this hand over, he rushed over to the console on the work station he hadn't used in a long time and used the Comm Channel to call the nearest Transporter pad to get the officer to beam him there.


Within a few minutes Kelvin dematerialized, leaving the living room of his home rematerializing on the pad at the San Francisco Transporter station.


From there he authorised them to beam him directly to Starfleet headquarters.


Kelvin materialized inside one of the few undamaged areas where he could still walk through to the gardens for so long tended by Boothby and that he was relieved to see were left largely undamaged by the Breen attack.


Relieved as he walked past it, to see the tree where he and Deborah kissed for the first time was still standing.


The good memory that brought back soon replaced by the one that forever tainted his enjoyment of this place as it had been the place where she ended their relationship.


Getting past that area Kelvin and the memories it brought to the surface he came to the front of Headquarters to stand next to the camera operator.


Knowing he had missed only a minimal amount of his speech, two minutes at the most he began to listen again as Veloru said.


“There is one man I feel has the best interests of the institution and people of Starfleet.”


“Who will honour its history and is best placed to lead it into the future.”


“A future under his leadership hopefully free from war, thus giving him the opportunity to take Starfleet back to being an organization dedicated to peaceful exploration.”


Veloru saw Kelvin approaching and figured he had made his own way there because that's when it occurred to him they hadn't arranged for him to show up before the speech so he could have stood by his side from the beginning.


One last oversight in his preparation all because he was itching to get this all done and get out of here.


He saw Kelvin arriving as the perfect time to draw his speech to a close.


"In conclusion I would just like to say a thank you to all those I have had the pleasure to serve with and to lead."


"Without further ado I would like to introduce Admiral Kelvin Hudson."


Veloru stepped back as Kelvin came up on to the stage to take his place at the podium.


Kelvin gripped the edges and took a deep breath before starting to talk.


"I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Fleet Admiral Veloru for," Kelvin pausing as it occurred to him he didn't know how long Veloru had been in Starfleet.


"All his years of service, loyal service to Starfleet," he said before he carried on.


"Throughout his career Admiral Veloru has represented this grand organization with care and," Kelvin paused again as he searched for the right words to say next.


"Diligence and he has been an outstanding Citizen of the Federation, there aren't enough words. (That I can think of at the moment, he thought) to describe the commitment he has shown that led to him being a natural choice to lead Starfleet."


"Undoubtedly the opportunity I am being presented with came as a surprise, but more importantly as an honor," my honor to play a part in shaping the future."


"What I hope will be a bright future, not just for those of us in Starfleet but every Federation Citizen."


"Well now that the pleasantries are out of the way, I have to bring up a few hard truths."


"I didn't always agree with our Fleet Admiral, in fact there were times I knew he was in the wrong. He listened to bad advice from officers who let fear rule their decision making."


"He listened to them when they wanted me on the sidelines, now while I have to admit I did end up enjoying my time at the Utopia Planitia ship building facilities, it was to my mind a mistake to put me out of the way." 


"A mistake which didn't work as it didn't shut me up; it didn't stop me making my feelings known when I felt he was in the wrong." 


"Still it is mistake I have to forgive now, if he is prepared to put aside the grudges I’m sure he must have held against me, I must do the same now he is set to pass his job to his loudest critic."


Kelvin knew he had no idea what he was saying or what he would say next he just knew he had to praise him publicly because There really wasn't any point in continuing to bash his policies nor to start making personal attacks on Velorus character.


He still needed to find a way to say something that would end all this niceness so he could move on to how they disagreed and talk about how he will be a different type of leader.


Kelvin just wanted to add a few quick words about his leadership and the future and then wrap up this whole thing and get to Starfleet Command hopefully giving an official endorsement of Veloru's nomination for him to become Fleet Admiral.


He kept speaking making it up as he went along.


"It is my considered opinion that as much as he has done for Starfleet it is the right time for him to step aside."


"I don't mean that as an attack, just that a new era, the uncertain future we face could use some new ideas from new people to help me lead the way into that new future."


Kelvin went quiet for a few minutes before he thought to bring his speech to a close saying.


The recent past has been a dark place, it will be upon us all to bring not just Starfleet but the Federation as well into a brighter galaxy.


It is my hope to bring us all back together as a family, to that end I will bring this speech to an end and as soon as possible get to work so thank you and goodbye.


With that Kelvin followed Veloru as he headed to the transporter pad where they would meet with the twelve Admirals of Starfleet command and make the appointment official.


As the live feed cut back to the Federation news service anchor, she gave a brief synopsis of the speeches followed by the promise both would be rebroadcast in whole throughout the rest of the day.


The announcements were broadcast to every Starship, Starbase and every Federation member world. Watching it with the most interest were the twelve Command level Admirals. Chief advisor’s to Veloru who could rightfully feel they had been blindsided by the announcements.


Most of them getting into it late and having to take it back to the start after being informed it was happening by a family member or one of their aides.


Once they got past their wounded pride for being taken by surprise they beamed to the meeting chamber they set about sending messages to Veloru.


Having switched off his communication devices before he began his announcement, he had a stack of angry comments waiting for him when he turned them back on.


He listened to every shocked and angry message each one of them left and responded to them all with a single reply in which he assured them he and Kelvin would come to see them as soon as Kelvin finished speaking.


He was also forceful in letting them know despite any objections they might have, they would be supporting his recommendation.

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