Star Trek Defender

The bloodiest war in their History's is over, now Starfleet and The United Federation of Planets are looking to rebuild and to move towards a more peaceful future.

One man seeks to challenge the hierarchy of the Federation.

One finds himself unexpectedly rising to the top of Starfleet.

Leading to the launch of a brand new Starship with a brand new crew, intended to be a force to show its enemies that Starfleet and the Federation will defend its principles and its members.

The brand new Starship Defender may just lead the way to a new era.


22. Career Day Chapter One

The time on the clock said 07:50am the Morning after the memorial service.


Kelvin had been awake for over an hour counting down to the 8am Newscast on the Federation news service, he’d showered and put on his full dress uniform, then had breakfast two slices of Orion toast and a cup of regular coffee.


Fleet Admiral Veloru informed him he still intended to go ahead and announce his intention to step down and name him as his successor.


He left Elizabeth sleeping as she hadn't yet returned to active duty, so he saw no point waking her up. Opting to just leave her a message telling her it was going ahead.


He left messages for their son Oliver, who at this hour was no doubt still in bed so he would have his Academy room-mate splash him with a little water or play a few notes on his trumpet to wake him, but since Olivia died he had cut him some slack.


He knew losing his twin sister hit Oliver hard and seeing him unable to make it through his speech at her funeral. Losing it midway through almost destroyed him on the day and still brought tears to his eyes.


The memory washing over him momentarily stopping him in his tracks.


Kelvin felt a sense of relief by the sound of the viewer coming on just as the intro music to a new day on the Federation news service kicked in pulling him out of it.


"The future," he said to himself. "I have to focus on the future."


"There's no point looking back, the past can be an ocean of sorrow that will drown you if you swim in it for too long." One of the many sayings one of his grandparents would trot out he wasn't always sure he understood.


Hearing the newsreader say hello pulled him out of an all too brief recollection of the people who raised him.


Kelvin listened as the news anchor dived straight into talking about the surprise upcoming live broadcast from Admiral Veloru.


There was no speculation over what it was about or any talk of his character or record, just telling viewers it was coming up before moving on to talk about.


Well actually Kelvin didn't hear what they talked about next, only that it had something to do with the Tzenkethi.


I haven't heard their name or thought of them in a long time.


He got distracted looking at the Bajoran news reader and didn't understand why until he remembered the Bajoran woman David was dating when he got him promoted when the war began.


The way he would talk about her every time after that, reminding him of the way he talked about Elizabeth when they began seeing each other.


The way he had felt about David’s mother when they got together back at Starfleet Academy together.


He couldn't remember her name, David's girlfriend, not Deborah the first love of his life.


Thinking about the Bajoran and David’s mother got him thinking of David again, he always felt like a son to him.


Only then did the realisation strike him, that once he became head of  Starfleet he could give him any  position on any Starship or Space Station in the Alpha Quadrant.


He had to take up his new role first then hope everyone would accept his leadership before he made any appointments.


His mind buzzing with ideas to implement for the future of Starfleet since yesterday and with so many he knew he should have written them down the moment he thought of them.


Making him realise he should have written a speech already, something filled with the truths of the recent past of  Starfleet or at least how he saw it and where he sees its future.


He should also acknowledge his gratitude to Veloru but not sugar coat their differences they've had.


Many of which would be public record, he had to acknowledge not everyone in Starfleet command liked him, some of that being justified given things he had done when he in Starfleet intelligence.


Some of it and he was thinking of Admiral Cole, professional jealousy and his own selfish ambitions.


He knew there would be officers who have a problem working with him, but he would work hard to earn their trust and respect so they would see he only wanted what was best for everyone in Starfleet.


Huh! sounds like the tone of the speech I want, I need to expand it into a crafted message of my intent, but he thought, I am not good at writing or giving speeches, it would be scary giving it in front of a group of Starfleet officers or Admiral's. Being in front of an unseen crowd of millions terrifies me.


It could almost be enough to make him reconsider taking on such a challenge.


'Too late,' he said to himself under his breath as he watched the Federation news switching to the outside broadcast he saw Fleet Admiral Veloru standing outside Starfleet headquarters.


It occurred to him he didn't know if anyone besides him, Veloru and his assistant had any idea what he was about to say.


Veloru stood with a microphone and just the one camera operator beaming the thing back to FNS headquarters who beamed it to every Federation world and colony.


"I have a short statement to make; I'd like to begin by saying how much I have enjoyed my time as Fleet Admiral of Starfleet, but my time as its chief has come to an end."


"As here today I announce that I am stepping down as Chief of Starfleet Operations and retiring from active service, effective immediately."


"This decision was not hard to make, the only difficult choice was how long after the war ended to wait before making it official."


"The mistake I made was accepting the appointment all the while I didn't think I would be up to the task. Taking it because I was honored I had been their choice to take up such a position."


"Even knowing I came in at a low point for Starfleet after my predecessor led an attempted a coup against a Federation President."


"A daunting time to step up no doubt, but I knew I would feel out of my depth at first, but I felt in time I would with the help of those officers by my side."


"I came to see I was wrong in that assessment, I never had the full support of command and although I stand by my decisions made in peace time."


"It is when it comes to the war is where I passed beyond my comfort zone yet not many willing to call me on my mistakes."


“Some even appeared to agree with me to my face while plotting behind my back to undermine and oust me from power right in the middle of the war."


"More for their own ends than the good of every Starfleet officer out there fighting a war for the freedom of all of us."


"That kind of action gave rise to a loss of faith in those who would call themselves my closest counsel, to a lack of belief in their opinions and judgments and finally a lack of faith in the leadership of those of supposed greater authority than me."


"Those are just some of the reasons why I have a profound disinterest in continuing."


"Although the death of my wife is of course the bigger reason I no longer wish to serve, why all I want now is just to return home."


"Retired and allowed to grieve in peace and in doing so, get away from politics and egos and the endless cycle of meetings and briefings with incompetent or unpleasant and power-hungry bureaucrats."


"That's why I chose to look outside my immediate chain of command. The future depends on fresh ideas which bring me to the name of my successor."


"A name some of you in Starfleet will know already so it may surprise to learn he is my choice."


"In the end: Larenka was in the middle of saying when Kelvin stopped listening.


As he stood in the living room of his and Elizabeth's home, he realized he should be there at that speech, prepared to go on and deliver his own speech.

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