Star Trek: Defender

The bloodiest war in Federation History is over, now it and Starfleet are looking to rebuild and to move towards a more peaceful future. One man seeks to challenge the hierarchy of the Federation. One finds himself unexpectedly rising to the top of Starfleet. Leading to the launch of a brand new Starship with a brand new crew, intended to be a force to show its enemies that Starfleet and the Federation will defend its principles and its members. The brand new Starship Defender may just lead the way to a new era.


6. Can I Be Happy Now

Kerena Jien a member of the Bajoran Militia serving alongside her people and Starfleet on Deep Space Nine, the space station in orbit between the planet Bajor and a wormhole that leads from the Alpha Quadrant to the Gamma Quadrant.


The morning after the memorial service and Jien felt guilty waking up in such a good mood.


Sure like everyone else she's happy the Dominion war is over, joining in with the genuine sense of joy and relief that it has come to an end with the Federation victorious.


Sharing the same sense of relief and sadness all over DS9 some senior crewmembers were moving on, then of course her people’s distress over the fate of Captain Sisko.


She knew weeks ago that Chief O'Brien chose her to succeed him, she couldn't be more thrilled, and she loved working with him and learned a lot from him.


Still, it did come as a surprise to her, given others having been on his team longer and the two of them not getting off to such a great start.


Plus her relationships with her fellow Bajoran’s turning sour in the last year after all the stuff on her religious affiliations.


Some of which she couldn't exactly be proud about.


None of that seemed to matter to her now given her promotion and of course the other equally important reason she found herself being in such a good mood, that in a few days her boyfriend would finally be returning to DS9.


She and David hadn't seen each other properly since he evacuated along with the rest of the serving Starfleet personnel at the outbreak of the Dominion war and been unable to return when Sisko and the others came back.


Two years with only a few scant messages passed between them and a couple of times seeing each other using a holo-communicator yet the flame of love she carried for him burned as bright and she knew he still burned as bright for her.


Even over the feelings she assumed were guilt and grief, she sensed from him the last time they talked. She still knew he loved her.


Having barely slept due to her excitement about the job and being reunited with David, so she was out of bed early up and dressed ready to begin her first shift in command.


Jien got to the engineering briefing room and unsurprisingly she was first to arrive. Also not much of a surprise that her closest friends, Starfleet officers Lieutenant Gar Breveld and Ensign Sarah Simmons and Bajoran Lieutenant Fral Yillo and Junior Lieutenant Duresh Bel were the first to show up.


While the ones who didn't like her and in the case of Lieutenant Kerr Vina even going so far as to lodge a formal complaint to Colonel Kira showing up either just about on time or late.


Still it didn't matter; Jien decided she wouldn’t let anything spoil her day.


Hours later her first shift came to an end, being a fairly uneventful one, even the Bajoran crew still clearly unhappy about working under her, stayed professional.


She kept their first working day short for one she didn't want to come across as a tyrant, although people who worked under her as a shift supervisor knew she could never be like that.


Even now with complete control of all areas and more people to show what kind of leader she will be.


Also, without a lot to do, with all the fears of a Dominion, Breen or Cardassian fleet coming to attack the station; they’d already spent weeks repairing or upgrading every major system getting everything running smoothly.


In fact getting the station up and running as good if not better than in all her time serving there.


Her first shift and all she assigned her crew to work on were a few broken replicators and after complaints from Quark, fixing his malfunctioning Holosuite's.


Her next few days ran just as smoothly, the same few Bajoran crew members were still unhappy about working with her much less for her, but they followed orders.


They just kept contact with her to a minimum only speaking to her when they had to usually in an abrupt tone of voice. Still as long as they did their jobs properly, she didn't care if they didn't like her.


The night before David was due back, Jien stopped in the new clothes shop on the promenade.


Glad that Colonel Kira didn't give the space to Quark to use; instead giving what had been Garaks’ shop to a Bajoran to run.


She never set foot in there when that Cardassian ran it, sure he may have been the least unpleasant member of his horrific species, but despite what her cousin learned and assured her, they weren't all evil.


Kira in the last weeks of the war going so far as to travel to Cardassia Prime to aid them in defeating the Dominion.


After finally discovering what happened to Raya and Kelvi, she couldn't deal with the thought of working with them during the brief time they took control of the station.


The fact that some saw that species as turning a corner after turning their backs on the Dominion, like they might be more trustworthy, irritated her.


As far as she saw it turning against the Dominion was all about petty self-interest and lashing out because their deal with the Dominion turned sour.


Still, she did feel bad for all the children who died when Dominion soldiers bombed their cities to oblivion.


Even she thought Cardassian children didn't deserve that maybe they are innocent and might have been the ones to change Cardassian society.


They won't change, once the Federation leaves, they'll soon be back to thinking they're masters of the universe and take out that anger on another smaller less well equipped species.


They can't change, they just don't have it in them, she believed.


Yet even if they did change, would it make up for all the horrors they had committed.


Especially with everything they did to her people in their decade’s long occupation of Bajor.


She shook her head in disgust as if trying to shake loose the thoughts running through her mind and at the amount of time she'd just spent thinking about the bloody spoon heads.


Garak, you're not even here anymore and you and your people still get under my skin, she said to herself.


She almost lost her train of thought on what she wanted in the first place, she wanted a dress something, beautiful to wear on David’s' first night back.


She planned a romantic evening for the two of them, something classy, but something that could come off quickly and easily if. No, not if, when the occasion called for it.


After over an hour having tried on a few different styles from different world's Jien finally chose a classic Bajoran style.


She liked its flowing style of many robes worn by her people, but at the same time it possessed a modern elegance. With beautiful colours and yes not hard to get out of if the evening goes the way she wants.


She loved it and she knew David would as well, along with the gift she brought for him. Jien took them back to her quarters.


Her joy at being the new chief and David’s' impending return were been on level terms, but her wish to see David again overtaking it.


After eating dinner and drawing up a plan for tomorrow's work schedule, Jien finally put the dress away having hung it up where she could continue to look at it while she ate and worked.


As she got ready for bed Jien wore a huge smile on her face and in such a good mood, she wondered if she would be able to sleep at all.


Jien lay in bed with her eyes closed, trying to drift off to sleep, but all she could do was remember the good times with David; from that awkward first meeting where she barely noticed him in their last good night together before he left.


Hours passed and she still hadn't gotten any sleep, so as comforting as she her memories about her and David being together were.


Jien knew she needed to get at least a couple of hours or risk being grumpy and potentially going off on some of her team.


Most likely those Bajoran's who already didn't like her thus giving them more reason to dislike her.


She got out of bed and decided to fix herself a cup of Vulcan Lulla, kind of like the hot chocolate David liked and decided to put on some music, something soft, she decided.


After a few minutes Jien changed it, realising she found a lot of her people's music dull and sounding too much like it should only be used in religious services.


Computer music folder JK3 again more instrumental pieces began to play only this time it was a classic Vulcan piece.


One of many she listened to as she grew up. Again, after a few minutes Jien changed it to one oddly a more upbeat than the Bajoran song but still to sedate.


"Computer folder JK2," she said. I don't know why I didn't just start here. It is my favourite.


This was her folder of music from Earth, some from the past some from the present, bands David is good at finding.


She didn't like most of the guitar and drums driven rock 'n' roll David did, she preferred quieter songs and those with women singing were her particular favourites.


Jien sat on her bed drinking the Lulla while quietly singing along fully aware she had no voice for it.


Within the hour after several songs and one more cup of Lulla she finally began getting tired.


Jien placed the empty cup on her bedside table got back under the sheet and was sound asleep within minutes of laying her head down on her pillows.


Her dreams weren't taken up with more of David, this time they were childhood memories of times spent playing with her older brother and sister.


The next morning waking up, again with a smile on her face; just not as big as the last few days, as thoughts of Raya and Kelvi crept into her conscious mind throughout the day.


As she did, Jien managed to focus on good memories of them. It had taken a long time for her to get to that point and accept that they were gone, but with the help of David and later Ezri Dax the station counsellor, she had.


Jien knew she was now in a place psychologically where not only did she understand her loss.


Regardless of her opinions of faith and the afterlife. She believed she could be happy going forward, that Raya and Kelvi would be happy for her to go on living her life and be happy.

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