For the 'Heir of Fire' competition :)

Abiona Gratis is the new hope for our world. She will eradicate the Visions starting with Sympathisers. She will save us all by sacrificing her humanity. She must do the unspoken to bring sanity and peace to our world once again.

A fantasy sci-fi-ish short story set in the same world as my previous movella 'Visions', I hope to maybe expand these two stories into a novel one day... eventually... XD


2. You will Save us

                My breath caught in my throat and my eyes lowered in shame at what I had just done; at what I had just allowed the Visions make me do.

                Visions were strong, but the Commander is stronger.

                “We’re fine here, Balvir.” Nodding towards the door behind him, a soldier stood in the doorway and lowered his own gun. He backed away, his eyes only leaving me when the door disappeared yet again.

                “I’m sorry,” I just wanted him to just believe in my capabilities now at any cost; money, life nor even my humanity didn’t matter anymore. “But I’m far more capable than people think... Sir...” I added to the end of my trailing sentence after the disapproving expression in his grey eyes of his turned to me.

                “Oh but I know dear.” His words were coming out so fast that my ears almost couldn’t catch them. “I know what the Visions will allow you do. I did not need a drastic demonstration like that, especially since really you need not do anything like that to our targets. Plus we don’t fully understand the extent of strength your Visions have yet. We want it quick and we don’t want the power of your own Visions to be able to spread from your mind and corrupt theirs even further.”

                “Bring back that man! Let me prove to you that I can do this, Sir...” I spoke softly.

                “This task isn’t just for you to show off.” He sighs. My brain throbbed against the inside of my skull. In an attempt to calm myself, I fell into the chair behind me and took long, deep breaths.

                The Commander straightens his coat and clears his throat, “We need him still. He’ll go onto through another ten, maybe twenty, experiments until we believe he has served the community to condone his crime fully.” He smiled and took my shaking hand in his sweaty palms. “Then I’ll let you show me what you can do.

                “He’ll meet the same fate as the Sympathisers. They’ll all be free from the burden of Visions.”

                His thumb stroked my cheek, the trail of his touch lingering still. I mirrored his smile. It was perfect. Visions will be gone and the leaders’ power will be restored over the people. Just the way it should be.

                “There’s still time...” He repeated his words slowly, turning his back on me.

                I grinned. He already knew my answer. “When do I start?”

                “Once you’re facilitated and have been through final briefs, then you will be let loose like a cat on a boxful of mice.”

                Giving me one last smile and heading back towards the exit, he called over his shoulder as I walked towards the door that had appeared to the left of me,

                “You will save us, Dr Gratis. You will save us.”


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