For the 'Heir of Fire' competition :)

Abiona Gratis is the new hope for our world. She will eradicate the Visions starting with Sympathisers. She will save us all by sacrificing her humanity. She must do the unspoken to bring sanity and peace to our world once again.

A fantasy sci-fi-ish short story set in the same world as my previous movella 'Visions', I hope to maybe expand these two stories into a novel one day... eventually... XD


3. The World of Snakes and Traitors


                “There.” Eliza finished straightening out the crease in my jacket, taking a few steps back to look upon the finished article. “It fits perfect.”

                “The amount of pockets is rather excessive.” Patting down every pocket on the coat, it took me a good ten or twenty seconds to tap them all. Four on my chest, three up each arm, two on the bottom, five on the inside...

                She cracked her knuckles as she continued, “Yeah but, they are, like, your protection from bullets and stuff. They deflect any stuff thrown at yer vital organs. They're actually made from a material of my own invention...”

                The constant cracking made me wince. She'd been doing it through all of our school years together, the noise even following me here when we both joined The College at the Scientific Recruitment Centre. She'd always been snivelling around after me and I'd have to wipe her nose for her constantly. Well, obviously, we eventually separated when I gained promotion after promotion and she remained down in Material Science.

                Letting my eyes wander, since just by looking at Eliza annoyed me, I would be exaggerating the room's size just saying it was small. It was a closet, not a room, and only a computer, a desk and an empty echo filled it. Dust clung to the walls and to the exposed surface around the computer; an old thing that was as fat as a tree trunk. Not even the lowest of the low would be caught dead using an old thing like that.

                I felt the dust start to claw at the inside of my throat and I coughed (or more choked) to get Eliza’s attention back from her rambling, “Where are my weapons?”

                She paused for a moment and stops cracking, “If you go in the Sympathisers' lair with a giant machine gun in yer hands I think they might get a bit suspicious.” She laughed.

                My face was straight. Shuffling her feet, she never wiped that stupid smile off of her face nor moved her gaze from mine, “You don’t need no weapons to kill. You’re a mind assassin.” She snorts as she laughs loudly.

                I tapped my foot. Heat rushed to my cheeks. “And is that to be my official title you’ll address me by when I return then?”

                My patience had snapped. "When I’m the conquer of the Visions, when I’m the Savior of this world, you’ll be stuck down here as the useless, anonymous little ant you have always been in the glorious workings of The College, you will do well as to address me with respect and not talk like you would to others like you.”

                She blinked at me like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights. I suppressed my smirk as best I could. It was about time I was treated with the respect I deserved.

                After a few moments, she cracked her knuckles once more and finally found her words, “Well, I beg of your pardon my lady. I’m afraid us commoners don’t come across the likes of you often." She spoke with a mocking opulent tone and met my eyes with the same glare I was giving her, "Especially not someone so far up their own arse they dun’t how to correctly earn others' respect.”

                My urge to smile disappeared. “You’ll regret that.” I spoke through gritted teeth. It’s a good thing for her that the Visions are resting in the back of my head at that time.

                “I await me punishment when you come home all victorious then.”

                “Just pass me my weapons you slaved over making and I’ll be able to get on with my mission.”

                She slowly rolled her eyes before returning to scowling, “You already have them in that big head of yours! There are no weapons for you to have. The Commander said you were too good and din’t need none. So that’ll be all, Miss. The exit’s that way.”

                Returning to her ancient computer, I shoved out a sigh and pushed past Eliza towards the direction of where she was pointing. She slammed the door behind me.


                How dare she speak to me like that! She was just a pathetic little scientist. She was nothing compared to me.

                Making my way down the long corridor, my mind was starting to race again with dangerous thoughts as I gained some more of my energy back. No weapons? How will I protect myself if the Visions fail me? What was the Commander thinking? Though I daren’t say that out loud. The Commander will know what he’s doing...

                He must for my sake.

                A light shone around the edges of the door at the end. Pushing the bar, my arms wailed at the effort it took to push the door forward, like it hadn’t been opened in years. With a shower of dirt raining down as it slammed behind me, I stepped out onto the concrete and let the cold fresh air burn my throat.

                I hadn’t realised how long it had been since I’d actually been outside and seen any natural light, but I couldn’t waste time staring at the weak sunshine. Hurriedly pulling up my jacket's collar, I shoved my hands in two of my many pockets and headed out into this world of snakes and traitors.


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