Falling Inlove with a vampire (Harry styles)

Paris Franceska Tomlinson lives with her twin brothers Luis and Louis Tomlinson
Find out what adventures does she got


6. chapter 6 movie marathon?

Weeks had already passed, Harry and I didnt get to see each other since we've met.. And i sorta.. Missed him oh great Paris! Ya think the 'lord of the vampires' would miss ya?! I am currently walking in the streets in our neighboorhood.. Kids are playing in their inflatable pool and water guns, yeah right it's hot outside.. A little while later i bumped into someone

"Oof! Sorry" i apologized i looked into the boy and i was shocked to see him smiling at me his dimples showing

"Harry!" I said hugging him he hugged back

"Why are you here?!" I asked him

"Duh.. I thought i might visit you and your family it's been weeks you know?" He said i smiled at him ..

'He was going to visit me' the thought of me maked me blushed

"Why are you blushing?" He asked kicking the stone infront of us

"I kinda.. Missed you?" I admitted he looked at me then smiled

"Even though we've obviously met for two days but i kinda missed ya too" i felt my cheeks blushed

"Ooooh someone is blushing!" He teased me wriggling his brows

"Owh stop it" i whined covering my ears then i maked face that maked him laugh

"Youre so cute when you do that" i looked at him then i smiled cheekily

"Reallyyyy?" I asked teasing him with a girly tone

"Yeeeeeessss" he said copying my voice

"Wanna hang out?" I asked

"We're already hanging out duffus" he said i rolled my eyes at him then i hit him playfully

"Tch. Wanna come to my house?"

"Movie marathon?" We both said in unison

"Brilliant!" He said clapping his hands

"We better get going now!" I said then pulled him

"Wanna try vampire speed?" He asked

"How?" I innocently said he face palmed then he bent his back

"Duh i'll gave you a piggy back ride i'll take you vampire speed" he said i jumped at his back exitedly then we went off all of a sudden the vision around me were blurred making me dizzy once i'd set a foot on our house i ran through the nearest garbage can then throwed up

"Dude never take me vampire speed again" i said cleaning my mouth with my hanky he laughed at me then we went inside of our house.. Once i opened the door cold water poured down at us

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I screamed i saw Louis and Luis laughing their butts off


"Sorry" luis said looking up to harry and me

"It's okay mate" harry said in a calm voice

"Harry cmon let me get you something to wear" i pulled harry through my brothers room

"Hey why your brothers clothes?" He asked

"Do you wanna wear a panty and bra?" I asked sarcasticly he rolled his eyes then i went to the living room

"Luis do you mind?" I asked him he gave me a confused look then i motioned our clothes he said yes, i opened their closet then went searching to luis clothes i picked up a red polo then a colored jeans

"Here wear this" Harry nodded then went to the bathroom after 5 minutes he opened the door my jaw dropped

'He looks sexy in luis clothes' i thought

"You think im sexy?" He teased then winked at me mu eyes widened in shock

"You can read whats on my mind?!" I asked in disbelief

"Are you forgetting that im a vampire?" He asked in a sarcastic tone i let out a deep sigh then said

"Oh forget about it cmon lets start the movie marathon!" Once again i pulled him then went skipping through the living room

"PEASANTS!" I yelled then jump into Louis and Luis

"Whhaaaat?" They whined

"Lets watch movie mawathon with hawwy pwease?" I said in a baby voice and Luis stared at me strangely

"Surrreee" Luis said

"Harreh! Pick a movie" Louis said

"Horror or romantic or action?" He asked

"Any kind" luis said smiling

"Sure" i said

He picked 3 horror movies 2 romantic comedy movies then 1 disney movie

"Paranormal 4 first!" Louis said putting on the disc

"Im gonna make some popcorn" i said standing up

"Im gonna go with ya" Luis said

"Sure" we walked into the kitchen i opened the cabinet where the popcorns are then i picked 3 packs of barbecue popcorns

"Luis microwave them" i threw the popcorns at him faithfully he catched them

"Sure" he said

I picked up 3 oreo packs,5 large soda drinks then 4 mega large junk foods

"The popcorns are ready!" Liis said putting them in a bowl

"Lets go!" I said then skipped into the living room

"Food!!" Louis bellowed then grabbed one of the junkfoods and Harry grabbed the popcorns then he ate it i sat next to him

"Can i have some popcorn?" I asked him

"No" he said then pulled his tongue out

"Pwease?" I said pulling a puppy face he stared at me then looked away

"Not.falling.for.the.puppy.face" he said

"Harry.. You know you'll give me one" i said in a baby voice and continued my puppy face he looked at me once again

"Oh i gave up" he surrendered then gave me popcorn

"Thanks!!" I happily said then ate the popcorn with him

The movie was becoming tense i was holding arms then he laughed at me

"Scared ey?" He whispered in my ear making my spine shiver

"Hey wait this is the part where the demo–"

"WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" All of us screamed exept for harry ofcourse i jumped into Louis arms then hugged him Luis jumped on both of us then hugged us now we are like a human ball

Harry was laughing his arse off tears were also forming on his eyes

"You guys are funny" he said between his laughs we rolled his eyes at him

"Peasants dont do that do their king!" Louis said then he playfully hit harry

"Awh..stop...hahaha...stop..it"harry said defending himself

Luis and i laughed at we continued to eat their food

"Harreh! Their eating our food!" Louis screamed then harry looked at us angrily

"Not our food!!" Harry said chasing us

"Nooooo!" I yelled hugging the popcorn they chased us on the way through the kitchen

"How about a little food fight?" Louis suggested we look into each other then nodded

"FOOOD FIIIIGHT!!!" All of us yelled we threw anything as possible i went into my room then grabbed the water gun then charged it with soda

"Kyaaah!" I yelled squirting them with soda

"No fair!"luis said

"No rules brother! MUAHAHAHA" I said

A little while later the front door burst open Mom stared their angrily i swear smoke was coming out pf her nose

"Wanna join uhm? The food fight?" Louis suggested

"YOU BETTER JOIN ME IN THIS GAME IM GONNA BEAT YA ALL DOWN!" Mom yelled grabbing my water gun then began squirting us


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