Falling Inlove with a vampire (Harry styles)

Paris Franceska Tomlinson lives with her twin brothers Luis and Louis Tomlinson
Find out what adventures does she got


5. chapter 5 finally!

Paris' pov

I sat in the sofa watching some movies i havent seen before.. It was pretty good though.

"Hey sis what'ya watchin?" Louis asked pretending to be isabella from phineas and ferb

"Watching a movie i havent watched before" louis sat beside me then checked his phone

"Ooohh is that eleanor?" I teased then i wriggled my brows he laughed then nooded

"I miss that sassy girl" i admitted

"Yeah me too" he sighed, i looked into his eyes he was sad i knew she was missing el. Then something came up to me.

I texted eleanor

Me: hey el whaz up?

El: hey bae, nothing really.. Miss you ;)

Me: miss ya too. Do you have some free time?

El: sure tommorow until next moday why?

Me: c'mon have a visit here louis misses you ;(

El: awh i miss him too xx sure i'll come

Me: great! Dont tell louis we'll surprise him

El: sure! See ya soon xx

I locked my phone then continued watching the movie.. i realized louis' head was on my lap i noticed he was sleeping

'Tch, sleepy head' i thought i checked the time and it was already 9pm and jessie didnt showed up,

'Well she will be gone tommorow.. Permanently' i thought, oh yeah. After harry left we already worked on the pranked when jessie returned.. After i finished the movie i slowly moved louis head into the sofa. Good thing he didnt wake up.. I kissed my brother's cheek good night then i went straight to bed..

I was startled by an ear piercing shriek.. That came from the other room.. I quickly opened the door only to see jessie covered in neon orange paint and mud.. Soon the others also went out of their room

"Eeh? What happened?" I asked innocently acting like i didnt know what happened

"Ypu little piece of crap! You did this to me!" She snapped

"Oy penis watch your matha fucking mouth!" Louis yelled

"All of us did that auntie dont judge her" luis said jessie turned around at him

"I thought you arent one of them!" She gasped

"Never expect to much jess" he said in a mocking tone

"Yeah.. Fucking jessie we are so done with your bitchiness in our house" mom piped in Jessie stared in shock she was red as a tomato

"Guess what im leaving" she said she looked so pissed

"What do you expect we'll be pleading you to stay? No way jose! Were going to celebrate because fucking jessie is gone!" I said making her furious then she walked out

"finally! We already got rid of her!" Louis sighed in relief All of us agreed.

"This calls us a celebration!" Mom said all of us rejoiced as we were finally freed from fucking jessie

Mom called the pizza guy then ordered 2 boxes of pizza

Oooohh this is the best day of mi life

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