Falling Inlove with a vampire (Harry styles)

Paris Franceska Tomlinson lives with her twin brothers Luis and Louis Tomlinson
Find out what adventures does she got


4. chapter 4 miracle

Harry's pov

As i was walking in the beach i heard a shrieking noise i looked up and saw a girl falling off the cliff.. With my vampire speed i catched her.. Her hands wrapped around my neck.. Her wavy brown hair covering her face she was breathing very hard.. Her eyes slowly opened i stared at those precious Blue eyes.. 'Angels do fall from the sky' i thought

"W-who are you?" She asked looking scared

"I-im" before i could answer she fainted.. I gently sat down then laid her down in my lap i brushed the hair that was covering her face.. She was damn beautiful.. Her skin was white as snow her lips were the perfect shades of light red and think its kissable..

'Oh stop thinking that harry' my consience said

A little while later, her eyes once again opened.. She was shocked to see my face..

"Who are you?! Where am i?!" She asked backing away from me she looked so scared

"Im Harry Styles.. I saved you from falling off that cliff" i gently said she stared at me in shock then she suddenly bowed down

"Oh my! Lord Harry! Im so sorry to disturb you! Thanks for saving me.. Now i owe you my life!" I face palmed then commanded her to stand

"Now now, just call me Harry okay? It's fine.. You dont owe me your life.. I just saved you.. I cant just let you fall off that cliff" i said patting her back

"Wait- why are you jumping off that cliff?" I asked Her then a tear escaped from her eyes.. I cant see a girl crying it hurts me..

"Two men were planning to Rape me.. I was with my older brother.. He went out to pee but those guys showed up then they chased me.. They cornered me in this cliff they said there was no other way so i jumped.." Her voice croaked and she was stuttering.. I hugged her tightly

"Shh.. Dont cry they are gone now.. I'll protect you i promise" she looked into my eyes.. Her eyes were all puffy and red from all the crying

"Thanks lord- i mean harry.." She hugged me.. I felt my cheeks brightened.. I hugged her back

"Let's get you home now.." I said picking her up.. I gave her a piggy back ride

"Tell me where you live.. We're going vampire speed" she looked at me amused then nodded

~•~•~5 minutes later~•~•~

"Paris! My Baby!" Her mom hugged her.. So paris was her name.. Then an identical twin quickly showed up hugging her too

"I cant breathe guys ugh" she said pouting all of them let go of her but the other one didnt

"Im sorry i leaved you there princess.. Oh my.. are you hurt? Im not gonna leave you there on your own" the boy said looking worried

"Luis im fine.. Thanks to him" she pointed me then smiled.. They all gasped them bowed down

"Oh lord! Thanks for saving my Princess" their mom said i motioned them to stand and they quockly obeyed

"Just call me harry.. I dont like people calling me lord or stuffs" i smiled at them and they all smiled back

"Hi Harry! Im Louis!" The twin of Luis? Said

"Hey mate" i said then we fist bumped

"Do you wanna have some tea? I'll make one" paris suggested i nodded in agreement then she went to the kitchen

We talked about an hour or so, her family was great.. Her mom and brothers were just simple and they were filled with happiness with each other.. They treated each of them like just sisters and brothers.. They love each others..

After 'meet and greet' it was time for me to say my good byes

"Wait harry!" Paris said i turned around then she kissed my cheeks she smiled at me then said

"Thanks for saving my life.. You are my hero"

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