Falling Inlove with a vampire (Harry styles)

Paris Franceska Tomlinson lives with her twin brothers Luis and Louis Tomlinson
Find out what adventures does she got


3. chapter 3 meeting him

It's been three days since fucking jessie moved here.. Since she got here she would wake us up at 4:00 am just to make her breakfast and clean her room

I lazily walked in our living room then sat between louis and luis

"Geez. I cant get enough sleep because of that stupid whore" mom complained all of us agreed

"I wish i could kick her out of our house then give her to a wandering vampire" Louis said

"Agreed" Luis and me said in unison

"Wanna prank her?" Mom suggested making all of us look into each other in agreement

"Well said mom" louis said clapping his hands

"So what's the plan?" A Light bulb pops in my head

"I know what will piss her off" i said making an evil laugh *Kekekekeke* all of us evil laughed

After a short moment the plan was all set. The only things missing were Orange Paint, a jar and a toy snake.

"I would buy the things" i suggested Luis looked at me worriedly

"I should come with you" i nodded in agreement

"C'mon let's go!" I cheerfully said pulling him out of the house

"Im driving" he said jumping in the drivers seat

"Ugh you are so unfair" i whined he rolled his eyes then i sat in the passengers seat

While we were driving i turned on the radio then “dont stop” i looked into Luis then both of us Started singing at the top of our lungs the ride was grand. Both of us laughed as we finished the song. Then we almost went past the store I Laughed at Luis then he stuck his tongue out. We quickly parked the car then we entered the shop we looked for the stuff we needed then the last thing we needed was paint. We both searched for the brightest orang paint in the store then suddenly i came to a hault i nudged Luis and pointed at the gorgeous paint that i was looking for, he gently picked it then we went to pay the stuffs that we bought..

"I'll pay Luis.." I said pulling out my wallet it was too little late before he can complained because i already paid the cashier.. Then i noticed the Cashier was checking out my brother i nudged Luis then smiled at him he gave me a confused look then i shook my head,

As we head out the store i let out a loud laugh then said

"Why didnt you notice that the cashier is checking you out?" Luis eyes widened then he face palmed

"I dont care i already love Jamie" he said his eyes almost forming a heart shape

"Soo loyal ey?" I teased and poked his side we were already loading the stuffs that we bought

"Hey stop! By the way im going to pee wait for a sec okay?" I nodded then he went to the bathroom

A moment later 2 guys showed up infront of me

"Hey baby girl wanna have some fun?" He said trying to seduce me i looked at them disguted

"Eeeww no way" i snapped at them

"Then you leave us no choice" the other said.

Before they could touch me i quickly kicked both of their balls then runned for the sake of my life as they regained their strength they chased me.. Then i stopped into a cliff..

'Shit a dead end' i thought

I took a step back as i saw the two men standing infront of me for the first time in my life i was scared, i wished luis and louis were here to save me..

"Baby come with us.. Youll have fun" the man said teasing me

"Fucking no" i hissed

"Its the only way" the other man laughed

"No. Its not the only way. I can jump off this cliff" i snapped back is this the end?

"Just come with us!" The man scoffed

"I'd rather DIE!" I shouted then i jumped off the cliff.. Good bye mom louis and luis. I think this is the end..

I watched myself fall off the cliff, i was expecting to land in the hard cold ground.. But instead i landed on a hard chest, His hands holding my little fragile body.. I slowly opened my eyes his emerald green eyes staring at me looking worried

"W-who are you?" I asked

"I-im" before he could finish his sentence darkness took over me..

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