Falling Inlove with a vampire (Harry styles)

Paris Franceska Tomlinson lives with her twin brothers Luis and Louis Tomlinson
Find out what adventures does she got


2. chapter 2 jessie

After Running away from Luis we locked ourself from the basement to escape the wrath of luis minutes later Louis bursts into laughter

"You should've seen his face" Louis said laughing his ass off then Luis face flashes into my mind


After our laugh-a-thon i checked the time in my Iphone

Hmm it's already 4:30pm i said i looked into louis only to see him sniffing Dad's Old Shoes

"Ugh Stop smelling dads shoes" i scolded him while taking away the show

"Awh cmon it smells so good" Louis whined i rolled my eyes at him then went to open the basement door

I was shock as i see Luis charging at the door i ducked and he went flying down the basement i heard a loud thud Luis went tumbling down the stairs and Before Louis can react at his brother he also went tumbling down the stairs.. After what i witnessed i burst out laughing, tears were falling down my eyes the cause of laughing to hard

"I wished i had taken a video.. Whooo that would be included into the worlds funniest videos" i said between my laugh i saw Louis standing up helping his brother

"What the Fuck are you doing?!" Louis asked Luis while they're fixing theirselves

"I think im learning to fly" luis said sarcastically louis rolled his eyes

"Peasants never Pounce on their King!" Louis told him

"Im nobodys peasant" Luis said

"Your my peasant! Both of you" Louis said pointing at me

"Why me?" I asked dramatically before Louis can speak mom interrupted us

"Paris! louis and luis!" Mom scolded all of us became quiet we never saw our mom this angry

"Can i join you?" She said innocently all of us face palmed while mom laughed

Our mom was only 19 years older than the twins, that makes her only 38.. Yep the twins are only 19 years and im only 17 wondering where is Daddy? He died 8 months ago he was punished by a vampire.. Yes, it was 2320 Vampires already ruled the earth 300 years from now the only safest place in the earth were Japan and Russia.. They were protected by witches and werewolves

But the fucking faith made us to live here in canada .. The vampire nation

"Ugh Mom! No youre basically old" louis teased mom that made me smirk

"Oh cmon Louis im just 19 years older than you" Mom said then rolled her eyes

"Pfft youre already old" louis teased more before Mom can debate there was a loud knock on the door.

We all stared in shock we knew it was a vampire, only vampires knock that loud.

"Hey open up im not a freaking vampire! It's me Jessie!" The girl shouted while banging on the door omygosh its auntie jessie

"Mom is it fucking jessie?" I asked mom. She called her fucking jessie. Dunno why

"Yes she's fucking jessie" mom said while she sighed in relief

"Oohh fucking jessie" Louis said teasingly before he got up and grabbed the door

"Hey fu-" before Louis could finish his little sentence Luis covered Louis mouth with his hands

"Hello auntie jessie what brings you here?" Luis asked politely

"Vampires took over my condo i just escaped" she said while barging into our house

Why does fucking jessie siddenly barge into our house without asking permission?

"Why does fucking jessie suddenly barge into our house?" louis whispered next to me i giggled then whispered back

"Dunno do you think mom agrees about this?" Louis shrugged knowing that he didnt know either

"Jessie who said to barge into our house without permssion?" Mom snapped at her Jessie rolled her eyes

"Where do you want me to stay? In the streets?" Jessie hissed

"Pretty good idea sister youre very welcome to roam around streets" Mom teased her making jessie angry

"Oy fuc–" once again luis cuts of Louis by slapping his hands on Louis mouth

"Mom just let auntie jessie in.. She's a Member you know?" luis asked politely

"What Member a Penis?" Louis joked both of us cracked up

"Dipshit Louis stop making jokes a 'Family' Member" Luis emphasized the word 'family'

"Oy Jessie get your bum outta here your rooms gonna be in the attic" Mom finally gave in then walked out so Fucking Jessie would stay Aunt Jess' eyes was filled with delight knowing that she would stay here

So fucking jessie is staying here

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