Falling Inlove with a vampire (Harry styles)

Paris Franceska Tomlinson lives with her twin brothers Luis and Louis Tomlinson
Find out what adventures does she got


1. chapter 1 dream

I watched myself fall of the cliff, i was expecting to land in the hard cold ground.. But instead i landed on a hard chest, His hands embracing my little fragile body.. I slowly opened my eyes his emerald green eyes staring at me looking worried

"W-who are you?" I asked



Oh fucking alarm clock

“Fucking alarm clock” i cursed then i turned off my alarm clock. My eyes fluttered opened wait–

It's first day of Summer! Why did i set my alarm clock?! Oh stupid me -.-'

Almost 30 minutes of tossing and turning i fuigured out i cant go to sleep so i went in the kitchen to make me some breakfast

“Hey hun up so early?” My mom asked

“Yeah. I forgot its already summer, my alarm clock go crazy" i explained that made her chuckled a little

“I think we should visit your doctor i think youre suffering memory loss" mom teased me making me smile a little

"Yeah thanks for reminding me mom" i said sarcastically as i finished making some bacons i realized the twins arent here

"Mom where are the twins?" I asked what? They usually wake up early even on weekends

"They got drunk last night" mom said while having a piece of bacon

"Oh.. So cmon leah let's eat" i said clapping my hand while taking in some bacons my mom chuckled cause i called her by her fist name

'Mom was just like my older sister, good thing i dont have the strictest parents in the world' lips formed in my lips at the thought of it

"Why are you smiling like a moron?" Mom asked

"Is it against the law to smile mother?" I asked sarcastically she rolled her eyes then continued to eat..

"WHO SAID TO EAT WITHOUT HAVING THE SASS MASTA IN THE KITCHEN?!" A loud voice boomed making me jump out of my seat

"Jesus christ louis can you minimize your voice?!" I yelled at him, he just rolled his eyes on me then sat beside me then another man came in Its Luis

"Damn this Fucking Hangover" He whined before taking a seat next to louis

Yep, they are twins :^

I faced palmed as i looked into Louis and Luis fighting over a Fork

"Dont you dare me peasant! You must obey the order of the king!" He said while tugging the fork out of Luis hands

"Im nobody's peasant! Who declared you king? Ugh im gonna get my own fork" Luis said in defeat while Louis holds his fork like a trophy Damn this is going to be a long day

Hours had passed and nothing really happened we had our movie marathon ate junk foods and did some make over to Our stairs which made our maids preety Angry but we really dont care

"If you saw the look on adrianne's face" Louis laughter became harder and harder and tears were forming in his eyes i laughed at loud too remembering our maids face when she saw the stairs

"You too shut up im trying to work here!" Luis scolded us he was the 'responsible and Disciplined' among us.. He's more of a parent than mom

"Sure daddy" louis and i said in unison

"Am not your daddy" Luis said while fixing his nerdy glasses louis and i snickered 'cause i really didnt know if the pran–


"Peasant! Run for your lives!!" Louis shouted while pulling me out of their room

This is a long day

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