Being in love

The feeling of being in love... <3


1. Being in Love

Endless possibilities.

My hole body smiles.
How can this be?

Dreams of the future.

Everyone else disappears.

Just you and I.

I spread my wings of hope and jump.

I believe that I can fly and touch the sky.

Just you and I.

The sound of his name.
I whisper it again and again.

How can this be so beautiful and still hurt so bad?

Oh, I wonder.

One moment I can't stop smiling, the next, tears fall like rain from my eyes.

Just tell me you feel the same.

Tell me that you'll be mine, and I'll be fine.

Please! Just say it.


The thought of your embrase.

The touch of your lips on mine.

Your fingers running through my hair.

Oh such joy!

Dance with me, make me sway.

Dance the night away.

How long must my tears water this pillow?


My plead is as simple as it can be,
say you love me...

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