Best time of my life...

Trinity is a bullied 17 year old things are very tough for her. Her dad punches her and abuses her everyday. Trinity is used to it.
Will Luke save her from Brittany and the barbie dolls and her dad?
will Brittany keep on messing with Trinitys life?


1. "Those days..."

                        "Best time of my life..."

Trinitys P.O.V 

My names Trinity blue, Im 17 and your average girl tall but not to tall, skinny, crystal blue eyes, long chestnut hair and tanned skin. Today was one of those days SCHOOL. I get bullied by Brittany and her gang of sluts man I hated them they where the meanest populist girls in the school. They all had boyfriends that they would constantly suck the faces of off. I was so lost in my thoughts thinking about those bitches that my dad came up and hit me "ouch" I  yelled "what was that for? all you do is hit me" i stared at him anger in my eyes "cuz you are a good for nothing!" i started tearing up. Yea he said that to me everyday but it still hurt just as much every time he said it "I should have sold you for that carton of beer but I  thought you'd might be a somebody but nope you are a stupid useless girl" i grabbed my bag and stormed out tears filling my eyes before I could stop them.

I arrived at school and without disappointment Brittany was waiting for me "Hey look its that TRINITY GIRL" she flicked her hair walking my way shacking her hips "what do you want barbie" I said confidently "Oh nothing much i just want to kick your ass" before I knew it she punched me in the stomach i fell to the floor holding my chest where she punch me "you bitch" I mumbled. Everyone started laughing at me and cheering on Brittany "hit her again" I heard someone scream "Okay if you insist" her robot blondies surrounded me and started kicking me from every angle their sharp high heels making me bleed. I got to my feet and tackled her Brittany to the floor pulling her hair and then to top it of giving her a blood nose and a black eye. Her and barbie aren't  twins any more. I got of her walking away proud of myself for standing up for me.

I arrived at my locker to find a brunette and a jock making out "excuse me get a room" they both stared at me finally after what seemed for ever they shrugged and moved to another locker. I hate this school. 

I made my way to History I hated it. I really could not be bothered about all those people. I walk into the loud classroom where all eyes turned to me. I just ignored all the wispering and the burning holes into my back with their eyes and sat in my normal seat at the back of the classroom next to the window. It started to rain. Rain made me feel sad and down but I liked rain it was pretty. I put my ear buds and selecting 'Green Day' 'American Idiot' I like that song a lot.


This day couldn't have been longer. I was pushed around by the 'barbie dolls' all day. I walked out of the school trying to avoid you know who. I did thankfully.

I got to the front of my house, I walked slowly up to the door grabbing the cold door hand and turning it in one swift move. I found my dad on the couch with a blonde skinny women. I didn't bother asking it was the same old stuff. I ran up to my room shutting the door quickly and locking it. I climed on my bed my head hitting the pillow and almost instantly i fell asleep. 

"Trinity" i saw a beautiful figure with long brown hair and tanned skin like me. Her blues eyes where amazing "who-who are yyyou" i stutted then it hit me its was my... mother. 

I woke up sweaty and surprised my mum died from cancer when I was 13. That was when my dad started drugs, alcohol and abusing me. I laid back down tears in my eyes and tried to full back to sleep. 3 hours lated i was sound asleep.  

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