Best time of my life...

Trinity is a bullied 17 year old things are very tough for her. Her dad punches her and abuses her everyday. Trinity is used to it.
Will Luke save her from Brittany and the barbie dolls and her dad?
will Brittany keep on messing with Trinitys life?


3. "Pay back is a bitch"

BEEP BEEP BEEP I rolled over to face my beeping alarm clock BEEP BEEP "I'm up you stupid thing" I slammed the top making it shut up. I crawled out of bed the night before rushing to my head... My mums beautiful blue eyes sparkling. I walked over to the photo of her she was gorgeous... I loved her why did dhe have to die? if she was still here my life would be so much better none of the abuse and trying to pay for school by myself. I walked into my bathroom taking a nice hot shower to clear my head. I jumped out of the shower grabbing my sea folly beach towel and wrapping it around my body. I walked out heading to my tiny wardrobe. I picked out a pair of high wasted black shorts and a fluorescent pink top that was flowy and had a cut out showing my back. I tucked it in because that looked best. I grabbed my white van and went straight back to the bathroom I brushed my chestnut hair and straight on it next my makeup I put mascara and eyeliner on and some faint pink lipstick. I grabbed some lunch money from my savings and my phone placing it in my bag. I walked over to my window climing out of it and down the drain pipe I had to do this otherwise my so called dad would trash my room.

I was on my way to school, I could see the hell hole fast approaching. The only reason I stayed was so I could get a job and leave my house.

I walked up to the glass doors pushing them open. Straight away my faced dropped "Wwhat-what".... 

Brittany POV

"That bitch is going to get it... This video is going to embarrass her so much" I had a happy smile plasted on my face. What I was doing wasent terrible or to bad but I new she hate it... School was about to start so I ran to the doors waiting for her to walk in. I had told everyone that a bit of entertainment was going to happen. Everyone one was in the hallway waiting for her. Finally the doors opened I pushed play and the video began. It was her confessing her love for a boy named Luke she was saying how she dreamed about him once haha loser. "Wwhat-what" I heard her say everyone started laughing. I turned to the boy named Luke his mouth dropped into the shape of a O. I turned back to Trinity she was crying she ran out while the video was still playing. I started laughing that girl was so funny to watch sometimes. Luke ran after after her. Why does he have to mess with my plans? I just decided to let him go what harm could he do?

Luke's POV 

I looked up at the screen a video of Trinity popped up Brittany pushed play and straight away Trinity started say she had feelings for me and she liked my eyes CRAP. She ran out crying I pushed Brittany out of the way and she was not happy.

I made my way through the laughing people and out the door Trinity was heading for the bathroom. I pushed the GIRLS bathroom door open to be faced with a panda eyed Trinity. I ran up and gave her a massive hug she hugged me back crying harder and harder. "Hey it's-it's ok... IIi me um well..." I took a deep breath " I like you too" she let go and backed away. "Just because you  well bad dosent mean you need to lie" she said harshly " Trin I promise you I'm telling the truth" I  stepped closer placing my lips on hers. She smiled into the kiss. It felt magical like she was the only one for me. I was so used to one night flings that I wanted to be in a realrelationship  with someone that someone I hoped would be trinity...

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