Best time of my life...

Trinity is a bullied 17 year old things are very tough for her. Her dad punches her and abuses her everyday. Trinity is used to it.
Will Luke save her from Brittany and the barbie dolls and her dad?
will Brittany keep on messing with Trinitys life?


5. "A slap in the face"

Luke's POV 

I decided to walk Trinity home I didn't want Brittany to hurt her again.

"Trin can I walk you home only if yo-" she cut me of "I would love for you to walk me home Luke" The day had gone so quickly me and Triny hang out under the old oak tree. We told each other our hobbies and dreams. I had said I was starting a band called 5 seconds of summer (5SOS for short) I told her about my best mates Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford she said she wanted to meet them so she coming over on Saturday (tomorrow)

I grabbed her tiny hand and walked her to her house. We had just arrived out her stone cold drive way. Her house was two story, white and basically trashed. I felt bad living her there. 

We walked to her glass front door. She placed her hand on the door handle but before she could open it the door swung open revelling a early 40's drunk man holding two young lady's in his arms.

Trinitys POV 

I grabbed the cold door handle turning it gently before it swung open. My Dad was standing their with to ladies in his arms "Where have-have you been" he pointed his fat finger at me. He was clearly drunk "Why would you care" I spat. I glared at me before slapping me across the face I fell to the floor grabbing my face. I saw Luke run towards my dad tackling him to the floor. I sat on that hard floor tears forming in my eyes. I could hear Luke screaming and my dad laughing. Luke ran over to be picking me up bridal style and started running with me "YOU CAN KEEP HER" I heard my dad scream.

Before I knew it we reach a two story mansion...   


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