Best time of my life...

Trinity is a bullied 17 year old things are very tough for her. Her dad punches her and abuses her everyday. Trinity is used to it.
Will Luke save her from Brittany and the barbie dolls and her dad?
will Brittany keep on messing with Trinitys life?


6. "A new home"

Trinitys POV 

Luke was running so fast I was surprised he could carry me.

We arrived a few minutes later at what I'm guessing is his house. He walk still holding me up two the mansion front door. He plopped me down so he could unlock the door. Luke walked in turning around and gesturing me to come in. I slowly walked across the marble floor looking around at the huge place the place at white walls with amazing art in the centre was a L shaped couch, it had a glass coffee table it match with the dinning table that was across from the living room.

Hanging over the glass coffee table was a huge chandelier and you can't forget the massive plasma tv which covered up the wall.

"Wow Luke this is amazing" he gave me a lovely smile

"Well my family is rich but they are never here they are on a business trip for 3 months" wow

"I'm throwing a party tomorrow night only if its ok with you" I have only been to one party but it didn't end well

"um sure" I was a bit shy  so I kinder mumbled it.

He ran up to me and hugged me lifting me of the ground and spinning me around.

"haha stop" he started tickling me

"LUKE HAHAHA" he put me down still holding my waist

"Triny I'm so glad you are here" I felt butterfly's he actually wants me here...



We had been watching mean girls 1 & 2 cuddling up on the couch. I was super tied and it was 10:30 I cuddled closer into Luke closing my eyes and drifting into a deep sleep.

I woke up in Luke's arms he was carrying me upstairs to my room I think...

We took a turn into the very last door where Luke took me in. The room was black and white them it had blink-182, Green Day, Nirvana and so many more posters all over the walls he brang me over to a black covered bed. He laid me down and covered me in the dooner and kissing me on the forehead.

He was on his way out of the room when I called out"Luke please stay" I was a bit scared of my dad I knew he would try and find me

"sure" Luke walked around climbing into the bed and cuddling me I laid on his chest drifting into a sleep.


I sat up sweating and screaming Luke sat up and started cuddling me drawing shapes with his thumb on my back

"Shhh... It was only a dream I'm here you're safe shhh..."

My dad was chasing me throwing things at me before Brittany and the sluts joined in bashing me and calling me names Dad said he was going to kill me and Brittany was saying she will do it before him and they started laughing... 

Luke's POV 

I heard loud screaming a sat up to be faced with a crying Triny

"Shhh... It was only a dream I'm here your safe shhh..."

I started rubbing her back with her thumb it carms her down. I laid her back down cuddling her while she cryed into my chest

"thank you Luke" I smiled knowing that I helped her I really liked her but I thought it was way too soon to tell her...

I woke up Trinity still cuddled into me man she was gorgeous and perfect in everyway I loved her.

I quietly moved at of bed and down stairs to cook some breakfast I plopped on some eggs and bacon. It smelt so good,she was bound to wake up when she smelt it, I would.

 When that was done I placed it in the shape of a smiley face anything that would make her smile.

I saw two long tanned legs walking down shortly followed by her body and face.

Wow she looked gorgeous when she wakes up. 

she walked over smiling at what I made she sat in the chair and I pushed it in like a gentleman

"wow Luke this looks delicious Thank you"

"it's alright I'm glad you like it babe" she had a smirk on her face.

"Babe" she giggled. I blushed a little which made her giggle more.

We tucked in finishing it shortly after.

"Mmm i hope you do this every morning" I smirked " anything for you babe" she started giggling. I love her giggle its suits her.

"I'm going to get ready" I nodded.

"Me too" I walked over to the stairs followed by Trinity.


Trinitys POV

I was nearly finished getting ready, I had my white ripped skinny jeans on, a grey sweater that said 'London Chick' in red writing and for my feet I had on black vans. For my hair I had curled the bottoms. Lastly for my make up I had some simple eyeliner, mascara, a tiny bit of foundashion and red lipstick.

I walked down stairs to find like on the couch.

"Wow you look gorgeous Trin" I started blushing. He made me feel special like I was the only girl he knew.

"Not to bad yourself" I couldn't stop smirking neither could luke. I walked over plopping myself down on the comfy couch.

"Trins" he turned his whole body so I did aswell.

"yes Luke" I hopped he wasn't living me or kicking me out.

"Ever since I laid eyes on you I have had this feeling that no one else gives me" I nodded him to continue

"I don't want to rush things but-but I kinder well love you and I understand if you don't feel the sane way" I couldn't breath did I love Luke back...?

"I'm in love with you" 

i crawled over to him placing my lips on his. Our mouths moved in sync it felt magical, he laid me down softly our mouths never breaking he crawled on top of me kissing my neck. I moved my head to the side and let out a little moan . His lips made it way back to my mouth he started kissing harder and harder. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance I happily accepted his tongue explored  my mouth. 

The door bell started going of

"Urgh" Luke crawled of me heading to the door. I sat up fixing my hair and reapplying my lipstick.

"LUKE" I heard someone scream

"ASTON" they both started hugging

"MIKEY" What's with the screaming

"LUKEY" they both did the chest bump

"LUKE" a black haired boy said

"Cal" the boy by the name of Cal pulled a sad look

"I'm joking CAL" they both hugged and started laughing

"whose this?" At the door was a young girl she had brown eyes with Auburn hair. She was really Pretty.

"This is Cassie, my Girlfriend" he put his hand around her waist. She gave a small smile.

"Hi" she kinder mumbled it, I think she nerves.

All of them walked over I started to get nerves...

"Whose this Luke?" I believe his name was Michael. He winked at me.

"Back of Michael" Luke was red in the face. Michael held his hands up in defeat.

"I'm Trinity, Luke's letting me stay here... I just need a place to stay" I spoke up but I shortly after regretted after.

"Hi Trinity I'm Ashton"

I smiled "Hi"

"Hi I'm Cal"


"and I'm Michael hi" he gave me a awkward hug moving his hand all the way down to above my bum.

"Hi" I said shaky. I think was ready to punch him.

"let's play FIFA" Ashton called out.

"YEA" they all said at the same time.

It had been ages and I was getting bored of watching them play and scream when something exciting happened, so I walked over to Cassie, she was falling asleep, i grabbed her hand and dragged her outside. 

"Hi, we haven't been able to introduce our selfs, what's your name?" She looked at me weirdly.

"Hi, we'll my name is Cassie what's yours?" She was playing along which was good.

"My name is Trinity, How are you?"

"Sleepy thanks, you?"

"I'm good thanks... sleepy but good" we both  started laughing.

I knew we where gonna be good friends...

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