Blue - m.c. au

"I think it was the sun. The way it split in rays beneath the water, and dappled my sisters hair when we swam. It's warmth. How it touched me the few times I went above.

How he touched me. His hands, his mouth.

How he touched me like he loved me.

The sun brought me up. But he made me want to stay, with his eyes that looked like the ocean and that soft way he said my name..."

Blue? Where'd you go?

|Michael Clifford au fanfic. Based off of The Little Mermaid|


2. 0.5

O beautiful was the werewolf

in his evil forest.

We took him to the carnival 

and he started crying 

when he saw the Ferris wheel


green and red tears 

flowed down his furry cheeks. 

He looked like a boat 

out on the dark water


Richard Brautigan, "A Boat"

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