Half a heart


2. prologue

Hope you guys enjoy it like I did !!!

Some people come into our lives

and quickly go.

Some stay in our lives for a while

and leave foot prints in our hearts

And we are never ever the same


" Is this relationship even real to you?" Harry snapped bringing more tears down Nialls face.

But the sadness that was clouding Nialla mind suddenly turned into anger, seeing Harry standing there accusing him him of never believing in their just made his blood boil .

There relationship use to mean the world to him. Used to.

He doesn't know anymore, he doesn't even know we're he went wrong or where they went wrong but somehow ,somewhere they failed and here they are fighting. Every single day, every single night.

Niall didn't know how to stop , or how to fix it .

They were breaking apart ever so slowly.

" w-we should stop before this goes to far ." Niall mumbled quietly. Looking away from Harry couse he doesn't want to see that look of hate on his face. It pained him every single time his eyes witnessed them.

"Oh! So you can go back to you're fucken lover boy?" Harry questioned trying to hide every single thought of pain that breaking him apart. He wanted Niall to know he was angry and him. Just angry . He didn't hate him, Harry could never hate Niall.

But if only he knew.

"We'll you please stop !?" Niall pleaded , eyes brimming with tears again.

Harry wanted to he honestly did but he was angry and shit , he just wanted to let it all out .

" how long have you been going on with him behind my back ,huh!? How foolish was u to think you were actually in love with me."

" I love you Harry...... so much" Niall whispered he walked forward hands reaching out to cup Harry's face so that his green eyes would look with his own . " I am sorry for what happen but you have to believe me haz, he was drunk and he just came on to me. And I don't know what to do, and then you came and....."

Harry stared at Niall , slightly leaning I to his warm hands.

But this was it .

" I think we need a break " Harry whispered as he took Nialls hand of him and turned around.

"W-what?" Harry closed his eyes, his heart broken at the pain visible in Nialls voice but he couldn't back down now.

" we're over "

Awwww I died when I read this. it's so sad !

I hope that you guys like it it's amazing and I loved it so I hope you did to

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