Half a heart


3. chapter 1

Chapter 1 yay

Don't say you love me , unless you mean it because I light do something like believe it .


"Niiiiii" Liam yelled as I stepped into his apartment, my had a full of grocery bags." Remind me again why I agree to shop for you, have you seen the list Zayn sent me. Gosh and I thought I was the one who ate the most out of us three!" I said putting my hand up as if I was surrendering to Liam. Liam just chuckled and parted my shoulder before he started moving around around the kitchen, placing everything where it was soppised to go.

"Good choice nialler"

"So where's Zayn" I asked leaning against the counter after getting everything out if the shopping bags for Liam to put the things away.

" Still at work, something about extra work. But he told me to tell you that he needed to tell you somthing". Liam said as he stopped and passes me a small frown.

I tapped my foot against the floor, woundering what Zayn wanted to tell me. I mean he did tell Liam to make me stay so it must be important, right? It was probably just something to do with Liam. Liam and Zayn were always planning special things for eachother, so it's probably about that.

"Our anniversary is coming up" Liam mumbles a soft smile gently pulling on his face .


" Mine and zayns three year anniversary,ni " Liam chuckled shaking his head. my heart instantly thumped against my Chest before it skipped a beat. I didn't feel happiness, I felt pain. pain because on Liam's and zayns first anniversary is where it All ended.

Where everything between me and Harry finished.

It had been two years since i had seen Harry. I have no idea where he is right now. we lost contact becouse we never tried to keep in touch with each each other. we never wanted to keep in touch.

The past two years, I have tried to get over Harry but everytime I try to move on, I am forced back to where it started.I am forced back by every happy memory that Harry and I shered. and I know that no one we'll be able to replace him inMy heart ever.

He took a share of my heart permanently.

And i badly want it back .

Because I know I have lost Harry we could never work out. things between us are more then complicated. "ni" Liam called out. his fingeres snapping in Front of me.

"Oh yeah? sorry." I sighed as i looked away from Liam though I knew he still would be able to guesee what was going through my mind .

"Are you thinking about him again?" Liam asked me, his face slowly turning to a worried expression.

"No ... maybe" I said .

" You need to get over that bastard" Liam hissed bitterness clouding his voice as he looked straight at me in the eye.

" Like I haven't tried that already " I mumbled, just as the front door open Zayn stepped in quickly, slamming the door shut before him. he dropped his bag by the door before he made his was to the kitchen to where Liam and I were.

We imamedaitly stopped taking when we saw Zayn come in .

"Hey baby" Liam smiled as Zayn stopped by him and placed a soft hiss on Liam's cheek.

"Hey " Zayn smiled before he turned to me.

" What's up Zayn, Liam said you wanted to talk" I said as I stared between Liam and Zayn waiting for one of them to speak up.

"Yes I wanted to tell you somthing" Zayn said as he stared down at Liam and i didnt miss the worried look Zayn shot Liam.

"What is it" I asked frowning . Zayn was worrying me now, acting like this. it's oviose that this has anything to do with Liam. This had nothing to do with Liam .

" Louse called earlier " Zayn started of his eyes staying on my face.

"Ow he did? how is he? did somthing happen to him?

I asked panicking that somthing happend to louis. after Harry and I split up, I sorta lost touch with Louis as he sorta of jut drifted towards Harry's side more. But Zayn and Louis kept in touch and Zayn kept me updated it what was gong on in Louise's life .

"He's fine it's just Harry's back from America ."

Tired it's 3:06 am and I started in this at 1:00 wow am so tired from rewriting on computer and them rewriting on Pohn and know I have to edit !!.

Next day

I am awak but sleepy I just edited this took like 30 mins but u really wanted to update


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