Holding On

Freya an seventeen year old girl who is the odd one out faces many obstacles through high school. She gets humiliated , she falls in love , she gets heartbroken. Can she get through it, feeling alone in this world? Or will someone she least expect help her find her way .

Hi , how are you? Well i would like to take a moment and say thank you for reading my story . I am currently still learning and trying to improve my writing skills .
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3. The end of my first day .

Finally , the last bell rang. I hurried to the main door . I look around for Kyle and he is standing by pick-up , surrounded by girls in cheer uniforms . Of course . I walked up to them and looked at Kyle . 

" You ready?" 

The girls looked at me with a rude scowl .

He tells them goodbye and we start walking down the sidewalk , we finally seen our mom's car. Kyle sat in the front seat , and i took the backseat. 

My day was alright , I kept my head down . Although this morning this guy approached me . 

He was covered in tattoo's and smelled of cigarettes. He was cute though . Although a girl like me , can never end up with a guy like him . NO WAY! He made me nervous though , it was like my words were stuck in the middle of my throat . Why is this happening to me? Come to find out we have six classes together . I caught him looking at me in class a lot , but why? 

Why me? I am not his type of crowd . I shook my head . Forget about it . 

My mom was sitting in the front seat talking about how she ran into some old friends , and talking about charity and events . Ugh , I hate that crap . She always tries to get me to dress up and go , but i refuse to be those girls . 

We get to our new house , i hurried in and ran to my room . I plopped onto my bed and reached for my backpack and started to do my homework . About a half hour into doing my algebra , I heard a loud motorcycle out my balcony . I hurried up and looked into my blinds. Bloody hell!! It's him! No , he can't be MY neighbor . Just no. He took his helmet off and started to head inside his house , he looked up at my balcony door . I hurried and ran to my bed . Just great , just freaking perfect not only is he going to think i am weird , he is going to think i am some sort of peeping tom . 

Just fuck my life .

I finished my homework, i looked at the time it is only six thirty four . I put my school stuff away . I go downstairs , to see my mom sitting at the table with a glass of whine , with my aunt . 
" Freya!! Oh my goodness , oh how you have changed  you look so much like your... mother. " She looked at my glasses and my clothes and gave my mom a look .  My aunt Carrie can be such a bitch. 

I looked at my mom and told her i was going on a cruise , she nodded her head and continued talking to my aunt . Isn't she lovely . I scoffed . I went into the closet next to the door and grabbed my skateboard . I went onto my porch. I looked at the sun as it started to dim down . Just beautiful , simply beautiful . I go to the road , and lay down my board , i out on foot on and pushed with the other . As the wind hit my face i started to feel relaxed . After cruising threw a little park , i decided to head back home . Cars kept passing my and giving me dirty looks , so i decided to go on the sidewalk . Headphones in the world out i couldn't help but feel calm . As i turned to go on my street , i crashed into someone . I flew forward , glasses flying , phone out of my pocket crash . Ouch . I couldn't see a thing , i crouched up and tried to search for my glasses. 

" Here , this might help." , says a familiar voice.

I held out for my hand and felt my glasses in my hand . I put them on and look up . 

Shit . It's him . Jace . I got up fast and started to gather my board , which is chipped up , and messed up , and my phone . I nodded at him and hurried limping down the street . 

" Wait!" He called out , while trying to catch up with me . 

I looked at him , trying hard to keep the tears back from the pain of my ankle.

" Yes?"

" I'm sorry about that , at least let me look at your ankle , or else i am going to feel like shit , and don't want that do you?" 

Still unable to say anything , I let him look . 

He made me sit on the sidewalk while he looked at my now swollen ankle . 

" Oh shit , least let me help you home?" 

I sighed , " Okay" .

He let me put my arm around him , and he helped me down the street to my house. 

We got to my porch , i sat in the chair . Still trying to act fine and calm. 

" Your awfully quite, are you okay, do you need anything , or for me to get ahold of anyone?"

I finally built my self up to talk . 

" No , it's okay really , i will just text my mom , and ask her to take me to the doctors . To be on the safe side , you can go now" 

His face looked disappointed . He nodded and left .

After i seen he was fully gone , i hurried and turned on my phone . I called my mom in the house and let her know what happened . She hurried outside . Kyle carried me to the car.


After spending hours and hours in the doctors office . I finally was able to go home . I found out i had sprained my ankle pretty bad . I now have to wear this dumb looking boot . Just great!!!!

I got a week off school , to kinda let it heal a bit, and no i don't like it . There goes my perfect attendance this year. We finally got home , Kyle helped me to my room . I lay down  and get comfortable . My mom came to my room and gave me some pain medicine the doctor had given me . I took it , she kissed my forehead , and i laid on my pillow , minutes later i finally dozed off . 



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