Holding On

Freya an seventeen year old girl who is the odd one out faces many obstacles through high school. She gets humiliated , she falls in love , she gets heartbroken. Can she get through it, feeling alone in this world? Or will someone she least expect help her find her way .

Hi , how are you? Well i would like to take a moment and say thank you for reading my story . I am currently still learning and trying to improve my writing skills .
If you could , please take the time to favorite my story and like it . I would be deeply appreciated .


8. She took my breath away.

I get up from the annoying alarm that kept going off . I went to my closet grabbing an outfit for the day , I grabbed my beanie , lit a drag , and headed out the door for my motorcycle , hoping to see Freya out there. I get outside , and there is this girl standing in my driveway , only she didn't look like Freya. The glasses , the clothes , the make-up , it was all new. She looked so... hot.  I walk slowly up to her.


" Yes?" , she said quietly . 

" Is everything okay? You look... different."

She shrugs her shoulders " I wanted to try something new." 

I shrug my shoulders , and say okay like it didn't matter only it did.. Not that i didn't like this look, but it just doesn't  look like the sweet and innocent girl i had first laid eyes on. I don't care , if this look is what it takes to be around her , then so be it. I get on my motorcycle , handing her my other helmet. She puts it on quickly , and slid on back . Nervously putting her arms around my waist. My heart began to race. I turned on the bike and drove to school. The whole way I kept trying to keep my thoughts quiet, trying not to wreck because of the effect she had on me. We finally pulled up to the school. Everyone was staring at her, trying to figure out who she was, and thinking of untrue rumors to tell. She got off and handed me my helmet, then so did I. 

This can't just be it, make something up to say .

" Want me to walk you to class?" 

She nods and says yes , her face looked so full of life so perfect. 

I  grabbed her books , and carried them . We walked into the school side by side. 

I tried hard not to look at her , as for the staring , everyone was still doing , whispering , snickering , probably talking their shit . We walk up to her class , I hand her books to her , she smiled and let out a sweet thank you.

God I got to get out of this hell before I end up becoming a total whipped bitch.

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