Holding On

Freya an seventeen year old girl who is the odd one out faces many obstacles through high school. She gets humiliated , she falls in love , she gets heartbroken. Can she get through it, feeling alone in this world? Or will someone she least expect help her find her way .

Hi , how are you? Well i would like to take a moment and say thank you for reading my story . I am currently still learning and trying to improve my writing skills .
If you could , please take the time to favorite my story and like it . I would be deeply appreciated .


5. Healed and ready to go.

So after a week of giving my ankle to heal , I was finally okay enough to go back to school . Nothing much happened , I sat in my bed , watched movies and ate junk food. Kyle managed to get all my homework so I wouldn't be so behind . Jace has not been in sight since the incident . Oh well , like I care . 

Mom got us both cars for school , that way she didn't have to deal with taking us to school everyone . Kyle got a truck of course , I got a little cute white Grand Prix Pontiac. I pull up to the school parking lot , looking around for that motorcycle, nothing.

I looked into my revere mirror, I looked ... okay . I wore a large sweater , and my favorite black skinny jeans. I don't wear make-up so i never have to worry if my make-up is "okay". My glasses are a bit nerdy but I don't even care . I grabbed my bag , braced myself and got out of the car , went into school. My day went by pretty quickly. I made a friend actually. Claire, is her name. She is fairly short, dirty blonde hair , skinny.. pretty. She is actually really nice. She has that rebel attitude though. You know what they say.. " The opposite attract to each other . Like a positive ion and a negative ion. 

Finally, the end of the day . I went to my locker to grab my science book , there was a boy by my locker . He was actually fairly cute . Dark brown hair with blue eyes , a cute petite nose. I think I actually have him in a couple classes. His name is Spencer. I think he is a senior . 

I go to my locker trying to avoid eye contact with him.

" Hi, Freya right?" He said calmly .

I nodded , Damn it why can't I get words to come out of my mouth. 

" Well I don't know if you recognize me from A.P English , but I though I would be nice enough to welcome you to our school. How is it going , do you like it?"

I finally was able to say a sentence after trying hard to not sound like an old lady.

" It's alright, it's quiet."

" Right, I couldn't help but notice the bracelet you wore your first day, Do you really listen to Sleeping with Sirens?" He smiled.

Gosh he is kind of adorable with those deep blue eyes, it makes you think of a beautiful ocean . Crap , answer him.

" Actually yes , I have been to there concerts a couple times." 

" No way , your the first girl I know who actually listens to them! We're going to be good friends." Before I could even reply to him , he smiled and told me he will talk to me soon , then walked away . My gosh , I never thought a boy that looks like him , listens to MY kind of music. The whole walk to the parking lot I couldn't help but smile . I drove home with my radio blasting , grooving to the music. I pulled up to my driveway . I looked over next door , still no motorcycle . Stop thinking of him Freya , he is no good for you . 








So sorry this is short , I have been super busy with everyday things , also sorry it's short promise a longer one next chapter .  xoxo



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