Holding On

Freya an seventeen year old girl who is the odd one out faces many obstacles through high school. She gets humiliated , she falls in love , she gets heartbroken. Can she get through it, feeling alone in this world? Or will someone she least expect help her find her way .

Hi , how are you? Well i would like to take a moment and say thank you for reading my story . I am currently still learning and trying to improve my writing skills .
If you could , please take the time to favorite my story and like it . I would be deeply appreciated .


1. Freya Ingrid

Moving is already hard enough , but moving in the middle of my junior year?! Fuck . I blame my parents , they were happy for nineteen years then all the sudden get a divorce. Leaving me my brother and mom moving to her old hometown "Haven". A small island with the amount of 629 population of people . SERIOUSLY?  My brother has to go to a new school in his senior year, that is not fair. Oh well life isn't fair i guess . My mom yells for me and my brother Kyle to come downstairs . School time , whoopee , NOT. I hurried an finished packing my school bag, looked in the mirror at my reflection . I am such a fucking nerd , I hate it. Glasses that look like it could cover my face , hair all dry and put in a messy ponytail. The clothes... don't let me get started . My mom has tried to make me change my look but it's scary . I see them preppy bitches , the jocks , why would i ever want to be like them people. Nothing but ignorant bullies . No, I will stay true to myself , even if it means to look like a geek. My mom yelled out for me again telling me to hurry up. I flipped my lightswitch off and hurried down the stairs and to the car . "Geesh slow much?" , Kyle ignorant remark.

Yes , it's true he is one of those jocks. We have never got along. He was always into sports , i was into science , he won trophy's i won medal's. He parties on weekends, i study . He really isn't horribly looking besides the attitude. He's tall , brown/blonde blue eyes, pretty tan and built , but a complete ASSHOLE. I put my headphones that was playing Plum . I watched out the backseat window , blocking out the world . Shortly after that we arrived to the hell, school. 

My mom looks back at us , " I love you dears , have a wonderful day" 

Kyle kissed he cheek and got out , I casually got out . Standing in front of the large building . " West Haven High" 

This is going to be fucking great . 

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