Holding On

Freya an seventeen year old girl who is the odd one out faces many obstacles through high school. She gets humiliated , she falls in love , she gets heartbroken. Can she get through it, feeling alone in this world? Or will someone she least expect help her find her way .

Hi , how are you? Well i would like to take a moment and say thank you for reading my story . I am currently still learning and trying to improve my writing skills .
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6. Can't get you out of my head.

I've been avoiding her , I keep telling myself that she is just another ordinary bitch , but something about her ... draws me to her . She's cute in her own little way , but mysterious and that is what just pulls me in. Why can't I just get her out of my head? I can't do it anymore. I have to talk to her , I have to know who she is . 

I tell Mikey later , and head home. After about twenty minutes I pull up into my driveway . She was sitting in her car , there were no other cars around . I assume she is locked out of her house. I light up a smoke , trying to get the balls to go over to her, but it takes a minute. She got out of the car and went to her porch , this is my chance . I threw the cigg down , and walked over to her porch. 

"Hi." Really hi? That's the best you can do?

She looks up at me surprised. 

" Hi?" She says confusingly .

" I just wanted to see how your ankle is doing?" Smooth Jace , smooth.

" I-i-t's okay , thank you for asking.."

Great this is turning awkward .

She looks at me , " Why haven't you been in school?" 

Shit , she probably thinks I'm a loser. 

" Had a couple things to do, sometimes i forget. "

" Nobody can just forget school." 

Feisty little one isn't she.

I sit next to her , she scoots over a spot. 

" So how are you liking school anyways?" 

" It's okay , just school."

" You don't seem pretty enthusiastic about it ."

" What do you mean? I am always happy to spend my time doing homework and working on my education , I just .. I don't know.. ha ."

Damn , she is straight nerd, but a cute one. 

" Not exiting enough?" 

" Not really." she says.

Exiting!? That's what she wants, that's me . I started thinking of a good idea , well hopefully. 

" Have you ever rode on a motorcycle?"

She shakes her head no.

" Care to try?" I couldn't help but smirk. 

She started shaking her head no , and repeated she couldn't. 

" C'mon , one ride , you never know you could like it. I eve got an extra helmet if you want."

She looks down , quietly . I take that as a no... 

" Okay." 

My whole body filled with butterflies . Yes , I said butterflies . 

I jumped up and waved her towards my house . She puts some of her stuff in her car , then walks over with me to my bike . I hurried into the garage to grab my extra helmet . She put it on so innocently , almost kiddy like . It was fucking adorable . I help her adjust it then I got on my bike . She nervously got on .

" You can put your hands on my shoulders , or around my waist. Best case is around my waist, less risk of falling." Ha , or an excuse to get you close to me . She looks at me unsurely and nods , she puts her tiny little petite arms around my stomach . I turn on my bike , and slowly skidded out. I took her by the park , cruised out by the country . I could feel her grip getting tighter, and I could feel her long beautiful brown hair tapping my neck from the wind blowing . I turn around and head back towards my house . After about ten minutes we are finally back . I turned off my engine , and slowly helped her get off , and get her helmet off . 

" So how was it, good experience , or no?" 

" I loved it , I felt so free. Like I could just do about anything. No worries . I see why you chose that as your vehicle ." She smiled shyly . So darn cute!

" Maybe I can give you a ride to school sometimes?" Shit that means I would have to actually go . 

She looked confused ... " Please don't take offense -

Oh no , she's turning me down...

- but why would you want me to ride with you , I am kind of far from your type .. and wouldn't people get ideas?"

" You see Freya , that's where we are different, I don't care what people thinks , sure I am not the smartest guy you can meet , or proper.. but you know that saying , never judge a book by it's cover?" 

She nods , " I-i'm sorry." She looks down .

" As for what people think , let them think what they want .. I am simply just trying to be your friend."

Ha , I wish it that's all it was . 

She looks at me, studies my face , I think she is trying to determine if I'm messing around or not , which is not what I am doing . 

" Okay , I'll ride with you."

Yes , first step earn her trust , working in progress. 

" Tomorrow?" , I couldn't help but ask anxiously . 

She nods , she waves goodbye to me and goes to her car. She grabbed some stuff and went in . I couldn't help but notice there was a truck parked next to her car . I'm assuming it is her brother she was with on the first day . Prick looking motherfucker . 

I hurried into my house . My mom was passed out on the couch . Lydia coloring in her coloring book at the dinner table . She hears me coming in , and looks up . She smiles and runs to me . 

" Bubby!!! I misseded you!" She is so cute it hurts . 

I hug her , and put her down . I head to the kitchen and start cooking chicken alfredo , with garlic flavored Parmesan , with Lydia by my side playing chef . 

I look in the living room , Mom is still passed out . I pick her up , she wrenched of wine and liquor . Sometimes I wish she would just quit , but ever since my dad died... she just lost a little of herself . I lay her into her bed , cover her up , and flick off the lights . 

Oh how i wish my dad could just come back ... I look at Lydia smiling and coloring . Who deserves to have their father murdered . 

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