New home (janoskians)


2. Whole book two

I woke up with someone's arms around me this time I didn't yell I just looked over and I see my favorite person ever.........

The person I have been missing for the longest time BEAU man I missed him then all the sudden he woke I hugged him really tight "Kiara I can't breath" Beau  said out the blue at least to me it was out of the blue and I just cried and cried and cried while just held me it was were I really wanted to be and needed to be his arms and never wanted to let go. I found my true home whether it was with or without the other boys all I need was time and Beau forever "Kiara I'm adopting you and we're moving away from Texas (sorry forgot to say where we are) and I never want to look back only if you are ready" Beau stated blankly " is anyone else coming with us" is all I said kind of in shock " yes everyone except our parents and  Luke he said it was to much right now but he said next year he would run away with us Luke, I mean not our parents they don't know but they will soon and if you are pack now we leave in twenty minutes oh and Niall is coming as well  ", he said very clear "if it what I have to do then yes I am perfectly ready but I don't want Niall coming""ok I will tell him he can't come" and with that today was my last day in Texas though I didn't know where it was going to take us but I was ready perfectly ready........
                                              ~time lapse~3years 

Today's my sixteenth birthday but we are still in hiding so I can't do anything they barely want me to write this  I don't even know if they know ..... Oh my I am so sorry let me rewind

The day we left

A few journal pages ago

"Kiara we got to go now" Beau yelled from down stairs as I said good bye to Ms. Brooks in the letter which I'm not suppose to write but I think that's why the didn't tell me where we're going so I can't leave any hints on where we were going but I didn't mind not knowing but I knew we were going to have to going into hiding everything I can't even finish the rest of our journey but as soon as we get settled I promise to keep up. Oh I found out where going to California 

                                                         ~newest entry~     
As I was saying I haven't gone to school at all I have no friends but austin is here now, are parents, not my, aren't  still looking for us, but I have bad news I'm pregnant, the boys don't know but when I was walking to get our food guy kidnapped me and yeah, I told them that a lot of people were at the store but now you know that's not what happened I now I going to tell them..... "Guys" " what" they all yelled after I called them, "I have bad news..... I'm pregnant" though I whispered the last part "Kiara what was the last part" Luke asked "I pregnant there I said it" running to my room, knowing Beau followed me "when did this happen and who did this", "when I was taking a long time at the store a guy kidnapped me and raped me so yeah here we are"I started crying and he just held me "do you want to keep it", "of course" and that's the last thing I remember before  Beau lulling me to sleep. I woke up the next morning with Beau rapped around my waist but I felt sick so I ran to the bathroom and threw up I looked up and saw everyone around me then Skip said" she's fine she just has morning sickness and that will last two to three month tops" then I snapped,"you say like that's nothing I'm throwing up because a tiny person is growing inside me but no big deal right... RIGHT" I yell then start crying and heard Skip whisper "mood swings", getting me more mad and crying even harder and screaming "SHUT UP SKIP"then that's the last thing I remember before passing out. I woke up in a hospital I looked down at my belly and it looked huge like I swallowed four big watermelons, then I see Skip wake up and run to my side,"Kiara you're ok","how long was I out" pointing to my belly" seven month and what kept you alive was the babies...","wait what babies"," yes four to be precise" I was so shocked then I felt water or something wet at my lower area wait oh god help"SKIP IT'S TIME"," what I'll get the doctor guys wake up she's in labor" Skip yelled the boys running over to me. 12 horrible hours later I end up with five, yes five they forgot one cute babies but they look like James.........


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