Silent Silver

Silent Silver a female assassin turned from an innocent girl when quite young after a tragic experience of watching her family killed. After being trained by a retired assassin she sets off to find the men who killed her loved ones while coming to realize the universe isn't all rock hard and cold as she thought.


4. Chapter 4

As I pulled on my boots and arm guards, that had thumb holes and allowed my other fingers to be exposed, the ship started to slow down. We were approaching Nintar. I quickly grabbed my two long swords and pistols and ran to RedMoon, "Whats the plan?" I asked coldly, "You have three parts to you mission. There is a small training camp down there organized by one Darwitt. You must kill him, the students of group 10-A and then blow up the station. After you have finished your task your payer will meet you to give you your prize. He or she will leave some note or hint to let you know where they are. Try your best not to get caught and any person that comes in between you and getting the task done, kill them." I was shocked, this was the biggest mission I had ever had. If it payed well it didnt matter, the world was cold and so was I and I was ready to make my mark, "Ok." He nodded and then sent me off again as we landed. When we reached the ground RedMoon met me at the exit to say goodbye, he gave me a nod and then I walked out onto the blue grassy surface of Nintar, it was about midday here so I needed to get moving to make it to the training facility by nightfall. 


I had been walking almost 7 hours and I still hadn't found the training facility. The large trees and plants that covered the surface of Nintar were making it harder for me to navigate, but once it got dark I could smell campfire and hear faint voices in the distance which meant I was close. I decided to climb the tree nearest to me on my right and then jump from tree to tree swinging and leaping silently through the foreign jungle. I remember doing this as a little kid with my sister back in Thalia, I shook the thought from my head. I needed to focus on my mission. In no time I had made it to one of the many trees surrounding about seven different people with dark full body suits with the numbers 10-A embroidered into the chest and side arm. Well that was easy. I moved my pony tail back behind my neck and out of my face, and when I really looked at the people they didnt seem much younger that I was. They were all different species which was interesting and they all looked like they were enjoying themselves out in the middle of no where. There were three girls and four guys. Of the girls one had spiky dark green hair, light grey skin, dark eyes and black lips, the second girl had eight tail-like things flowing from her head that were blue, she also had light eyes and lips that were a darker blue, the third girl that long hair that fell in front of her face so I couldn't see her features. The guys were a little more interesting, the first that was chatting up the eight tailed girl had scaly skin, sharp teeth and a large tail, the three other boys were resting their eyes by the fire. The one on the left had a robot arm and I half his face was covered by some sort mask and not much about him stood out, the guy in the middle one had red skin, small black lips and black swirly tattoos all over his body. I was guessing because one was flowing from his face down his neck and probably even farther. The boy on the very right was just opening up his eyes as I started to get a good look at him, he had black shaggy hair, light green skin, yellow glowing eyes and I didnt care to notice anything else because his eyes seemed so bright.  

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