Silent Silver

Silent Silver a female assassin turned from an innocent girl when quite young after a tragic experience of watching her family killed. After being trained by a retired assassin she sets off to find the men who killed her loved ones while coming to realize the universe isn't all rock hard and cold as she thought.


3. Chapter 3

"Silver?" I shook my head to wake me up as I stood outside looking at the grey rocky surface of the planet, "Yes RedMoon?" I called as I walked over to him, "We are going to be heading to Nintar soon so pack your things," I nodded and walked back to my room where I grabbed my things and put them neatly into the small backpack that I had. When I boarded the ship with RedMoon the air felt heavy like he was keeping something from me, "Is there something you aren't telling me?" I looked right at him but he avoided my gaze, "Silver, I am not staying with you on Nintar. You must go on without me because my time is almost up and you need to move on away from Zona and see the Universe through your eyes and experience more things than an empty planet." I was shocked, I had definitely not seen this coming, "But RedMoon you can't, you're my only family." He nodded slightly, "I know I know, but I want to hear about the untraceable Silver as she makes her mark on the galaxy. I can't continue to do this with you. I need to retire for good." I looked at him and stormed out of the cockpit to the small room of the ship the held two bunk beds and a small window. As we took off I started to cry silently, I haven't cried in years, I thought I would never cry again after what happened so long ago. I stayed in my room for a couple hours and I knew that since I may not see RedMoon for a while so I went back to the cockpit to talk to him, "I understand that you wish to retire for good," I started off, "But I don't understand how leaving me on Nintar without a ship or food is going to help me." He sighed and then looked at me with his small red eyes, his cheek bones were quite pronounced and his skin though light grey, looked quite dark as we glided through space. When he finally decided to speak his voice was crisp as if he was feeling nothing, "Silver you are doing this mission and everything else by yourself, I can't help you anymore." I felt tears form in my eyes again, "Now go get ready." I got up and once again stormed out and went back to the little room. As I sat on the bed I just stared out the window as we passed stars, moons and planets. Space was so beautiful. After a long while of watching stars go by I decided to finally get ready. I pulled off my black top that was thin and perfect for Zona but not quite what I needed for Nintar. I then grabbed my grey cloth that was good for keeping me warm and covering up wounds, I wrapped myself up in it from the upper chest down to my hips. Then I grabbed my black scaled pants that were thick enough that a sword couldn't cut through them, though it wouldn't stop a gun shot or any laser blades. I sighed as I grabbed my black long shirt that had a V-neck and then split when it got to my lower stomach, it was longer in the back than the front and the sleeves were elbow length and a tiny bit baggy for my slim arms. The shirt also had a hood large enough to cover most of my face when I needed it. When I put it on it was snug but I could easily move around in it. I then went to look into the mirror to see how I looked, Even though I still didnt have everything on I looked ready for the mission. I stared at my slim lavender coloured face and full deep purple lips, I had dark green eyes human ears. My hair black as night flowing down to my butt and the scar on my right cheek still slightly noticeable. I look a deep breath and nodded, yep I was ready to get this mission over with. 

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