Silent Silver

Silent Silver a female assassin turned from an innocent girl when quite young after a tragic experience of watching her family killed. After being trained by a retired assassin she sets off to find the men who killed her loved ones while coming to realize the universe isn't all rock hard and cold as she thought.


2. Chapter 2

RedMoon, my only family and trainer. He is an ex-assassin and was a pretty good one. For the past 12 years he has trained me to be as he was, one of the best assassins in the galaxy. He taught me everything from being stealthy to absolutely untraceable, honestly I loved it and Im glad he found me. Now I know who I really am and how cold and dark the real world actually is, without him I could have never found that out and I would probably be dead. For the past four years I have done assassin work all around. My main client is Jett, a larger more scaly gangster that has more enemies then I care to count but it keeps me busy and us on our feet. Since RedMoon is no longer in the business I have to take jobs frequently so we have enough to keep up with my training and new weapons. Being and assassin you have your signature weapon, no two assassins are the same. I have two long and thin bladed black swords that I handcrafted myself, plus two pistols which RedMoon gladly re-gifted to me. Having his pistols really makes me feel like I can call him my real family, nine years isn't that long of a time for tones of memories to hold on to. 

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