Silent Silver

Silent Silver a female assassin turned from an innocent girl when quite young after a tragic experience of watching her family killed. After being trained by a retired assassin she sets off to find the men who killed her loved ones while coming to realize the universe isn't all rock hard and cold as she thought.


1. Chapter 1

I remember chaos and everyone in the city running around screaming as gun shots followed and more and more people dropped. My parents were holding my sisters hand and mine as they dragged us to a dark corner in a small ally. The four of us all huddled together hoping that it all would be over soon. I was tucked behind my sister Nisha who was crying behind my parents. I couldn't see anything but I could hear footsteps coming down the ally towards us and then they stopped. "Get up!" A man yelled at us so we all stood slowly, "Please we have children!" My mom pleaded and then started to sob as the men clicked their guns ready to shoot, thats when my father turned to me and Nisha and yelled, "Girls RUN!" So without question I took Nisha's hand and booked it down a small crevasse between the building and a slab of cement. I heard to guns shots and when I turned back I saw my parents dead on the ground. Nisha screamed out which grabbed the killers attentions who ran up to the crevasse and started firing with limited vision and with limited room for us to move we couldn't dodge their shots for long. On the fifth fire Nisha dropped to the ground and I dropped with her crying and screaming out. I still remember what her lifeless body felt like in my arms and how her eyes left no emotion. The sounds that came from my mouth between sobs were anything but normal. The men who had killed my family left when I looked back, I never knew why and ever since I have been on the hunt to take back what I lost.


After leaving my family behind I ran and hid, the Monti's where there to destroy us, thats what they did. Making a species extinct was their specialty and after what they did to my family and my people I was ready to stop them. But being the 9 year old that I was, obviously I couldn't go challenging them all at once, and it took all the effort in me to stop myself from doing so. But after continuously running and hiding for a couple days after the attack I finally made my way to the small forest on the outer part of Thalia, my previous home now extinct. As I walked through the silent trees I heard footsteps behind me and when I stopped to turn around all I saw was a tall hooded figure, "Are you lost?" he said in a deep voice, I shook my head, "Then where is your family?" My eyes started to well up with tears as the flash back of my family dying came back to me. The hooded figure crouched down and hugged me, "There there, I'll be your family now." And he took me away. I could never remember what happened between him hugging me and us showing up on a different planet. He brought me to the planet Zona, one that barely anybody cares to notice. There we lived and he trained me and brought me up as his own. 

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