My sitters bff

Gabriella Paine is a 8 year old girl who was forced to move to Sydney Australia since she's only 8 she needs a sitter. (This is before the band was formed) her sitter just so happens to be luke hemmings when the boys join 1D on tour will she be sad or does she learn to be his friend??


18. the new drummer

Ok so when I finally got to go home from my sisters house( no affense sis.) I Calum picked me

Up. He said Luke begged him too. But... Luke said Calum begged to. Now go upstairs! You can't hear us! Why not? I asked. Because... Ok

If your gonna be practicing... Shouldn't Mickey

Be here?! I asked suspiciously. He'll be here later.

Said Calum. Were is he than? Your filled with questions aren't you? Luke asked sarcastically.

Right then Mickey came back. Where were you?

I asked. Somewhere, he responded. Why won't anyone tell me?! I complained. Because no one

Wants you to know! They jinxed. Tell me please?? I said pulling out the puppy dog face.

Alright fine we'll tell you! Said Luke. I started clapping my hands like a two year old would do.

Tomorrow. He said. What c'mon please? I begged. You said. Ok dude just tell her already!

She's not gonna stop pestering us! Said Calum.

Alright.. Mickey was out getting a new drummer

For the band. Really? Cool. He's coming over today to rehearse! Oh I won't be able to make it later today. Said Calum, family thing he said. Ok. Said Mickey. Ummm... Your not aloud to listen

Little missy! Said Luke. Please I begged. No said Luke. Ok... How's your sis? Mickey Interrupted.

He probably knew that would go on for hours!

Pretty annoying! I said being sure no one but them could hear. Oh give her a chance! She

Wants to bond with her little sister. That's all. Said Luke. Besides you'll probably get used to it!

Said Mickey. Trying to join our convo. Luke gave him a really Mickey? Look. Michael thew his hands in the air in defence, and walked out the door. Right then and there... Mickey yelled Ashton's here!!!! So Ashton is his name?

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