My sitters bff

Gabriella Paine is a 8 year old girl who was forced to move to Sydney Australia since she's only 8 she needs a sitter. (This is before the band was formed) her sitter just so happens to be luke hemmings when the boys join 1D on tour will she be sad or does she learn to be his friend??


15. she's wake!!!!!!!

Luke's pov.

I was on the right side of gabby, and Pablo was on the right. He was blaming himself for bit of crap in gabby's world. I mean something's were

His fault... But not all the crap! Gabby! me and Pablo jinxed excitedly. Your alive! Michael said happily. Calum shot up and hugged her Pablo soon hugged her as well. Then I followed, then

Michael. Hi. She said laughing at us. We're is my

Mom? She asked. She has a few broken bones.

Pablo replied. Only he and their dad really visited

Her. The rest of us only visited gabby. Pablo? She asked. Ya? He replied. Can you go tell

Mom I'm awake? Sure. As he walked out the door. Did my dad visit me? She asked. I was a little shocked at her bold question. A a a f f few

Times. I stuttered. Truth was he visited her once!

He saw she wasn't awake and went to see her mom. Don't lie to me Luke. I was still able to listen I know the truth. She said. She did say her

Dad always blamed her for her brother leaving.

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