My sitters bff

Gabriella Paine is a 8 year old girl who was forced to move to Sydney Australia since she's only 8 she needs a sitter. (This is before the band was formed) her sitter just so happens to be luke hemmings when the boys join 1D on tour will she be sad or does she learn to be his friend??


9. secrets...

Gabriella's pov.

I lay in bed pretending to sleep mainly because for exactly half my life I've been having countless

Nightmares about the same thing, the same mistake I made when I was 4...flash back

I'm sorry Pablo! With tears rushing down my face, your a twerp who can't keep a damn secret!

I wish you were never born!!! He said slamming his bedroom door in my face... End of flashback

I was almost done repeating the mistake in my head over and over again when I heard Ben and Luke fighting. I went down stairs to stop the fighting. I tried speaking normally but they couldn't hear me so I yelled. Guys! Stop fighting it's not good to

Fight with your siblings! How would you know? Your an only child! Actually my brother left because he couldn't stand me! So

No I don't know why it's bad fight with your siblings! Gabby.., Luke said but I interrupted by yelling don't call me that! Then I

Stomped upstairs ( I would've ran but.. I legitimately couldn't) I

Heard Ben and Luke makeup that reminded me how close me and my brother used to be.... Before that day that we fought:(

Luke was like a duplicate on what me and my brother used to have. That's why I loved him so much. When Luke came into my life it was like Pablo came back into my life. When he left I became messed up, rude, abnoctious, miserable. But when Luke came I changed because he and Pablo were so damn similar! I was lost in my thoughts when Luke walked in. Gabriella I'm so

Sorry about your brother, it's fine Luke you didn't know. I said sniffling. He sat beside me, I turned to face and started crying into his shirt. Just one question... He said not realizing it wouldn't change the topic. Why don't you like your nickname?

Because I said starting to wipe away the tears. He used to call me that before we got Into a huge fight and he left. Oh... Sorry he said making an apologetic face. It's fine Luke. I said. Good. He proudly stated. Now tommorow... We are going shopping. For what I asked because we haven't gone shopping in a while... And I have a lot more. Money than I did last time! Ok ok let me sleep! Luke got out of my room. I knew the real reason why he

Was taking me shopping.. He felt sorry about my brother... No matter the reason I was happy I was able to get some new outfits. Little did I know I'd find him there!

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