My sitters bff

Gabriella Paine is a 8 year old girl who was forced to move to Sydney Australia since she's only 8 she needs a sitter. (This is before the band was formed) her sitter just so happens to be luke hemmings when the boys join 1D on tour will she be sad or does she learn to be his friend??


2. my new sitter.

I refuse to step out of this taxi! I'm only just starting to like Florida!!! I complained sadly my dad was strong and told my mom to take two siutcases and he take me and one. He picked me up and put me on his shoulder. Put me down dad! I yelled punching and kicking him. Not until we get on the plane. He replied. Skip plane ride.

When we got there my mom took me to my already set up bedroom. I went to my bed and went on my iPod my mom could see I was still angry so she said me and your father will be putting up posters for a wanted babysitter. I don't care. I mumbled after my mom shut the door I threw one of the pillows at it. 5 minutes after they left the doorbell rang and a lady in her mid to late thirties I'd say was there I'm not aloud to talk to strangers! I said rudely oh sweetie I just want to put my son up for the babysitting gig. I opened the door a peak. My parents aren't home yet. I said. I we'll tell them I stopped by and tell them to call me. She said giving me a piece of paper threw the partly opened door. Ok I Saadi shutting the door in her face. I heard her walk down the steps just as my parents arrived (I saw them threw the window) I slapped my forehead. I didn't

Want another sitter. They stopped and chatted. I was guessing my parents were doing an interview. They walked in smiling. What took you so long? I asked. Tomorrow you'll meet your new sitter. My dad said. Now it's getting dark and you meet him at 9 that's when your usually the nicest.

He said I grunted and stomped upstairs, and I didn't go to sleep until midnight.. But I woke up in time . I woke up to the fact that mom yelled at me to take a shower. So I obeyed, then I put on a pair of red jeans, black boots, and a black tank top. Wince I was finished " Luke" was already there I walked down and he gave mr a waits up look. I rolled my eyes and sat beside my mom across from Luke and my dad. My dad said we already gave him the responsibility test and he passed so now you can give the "fun" test. Luke smirked. I rolled my eyes. We will leave you two to it. Said my mom filling the silence.

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