My sitters bff

Gabriella Paine is a 8 year old girl who was forced to move to Sydney Australia since she's only 8 she needs a sitter. (This is before the band was formed) her sitter just so happens to be luke hemmings when the boys join 1D on tour will she be sad or does she learn to be his friend??


10. he's back!

Me and Luke have already been in three stores and I bought 1 thing from every store. It was lunch time so we headed out to the cafeteria. When Luke pushed me behind a wall and said wait here I think some one is stalking you. He said worriedly. Right as Luke left I heard a familiar, yet unfamiliar voice. Gabby?! I looked behind to see who it was and I saw someone I never thought I'd see again... Pablo. My long lost older brother, what the hell are you doing here! He asked.. P P Pablo?! I stuttered. This whole time you've been in Australia! Yes dumbo what do you look like! He said. Now answer my question. What the hell are you doing here! Mom and dad got transferred here. There was an awkward silence until my iPod buzzed. It was a text from "the best sitter in the world;)" (Luke put that in.) it said:

False alarm... Sorry I'll be a few minutes I'm officially lost!!!:(

Again there was an awkward silence between me and my brother. I sniffled remembering what happened that night we fought. Although I can't remember why, we were arguing. I looked at the ground so he couldn't tell I was tearing up

I couldn't hold in any more a tear drop hit the floor. He sighed at the sight of the drop. I missed you I said under my breathe what? He asked I then looked up at him showing I was crying. I missed you I said clearly. He held his breathe. Had he been expecting an I hate you get out of my life forever this time? If he was heck no way I would do that! Then Pablo saw Luke coming back and he said your body guard is back! Walking away. What's wrong? Luke asked. I just saw my brother for the

First time in 4 years! I replied. That was Pablo...Luke looked shocked.

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