Sam Hood is Calum Hood's little sister. She is best friends with the band. What happens when 5SOS goes on tour with One Direction for the second time and Sam tags along. Does Luke finally tell Sam how he feels and does someone else in 1D adapt feelings for her. How does Calum feel that two of his closet friends have a crush on his little sister? Does Sam even like them back? Read to find out more in Torn.


2. The news


        Calum's POV 

                          After I said the news to everyone Sam looked sad. I new she was upset that we were leaving soon. After all we were her only friends. 

          "Calum!" I heard Michael scream "What were you thinking about"

          "I was just thinking about Sam. Did anyone else see how sad she looked." I replied.

   All the boys agreed that she was sad. We had to do something so she could see us more.

 We could FaceTime everyday, call, text messages, maybe she could come to shows that we do here in Australia. But I knew that wasn't enough.

 "How do you guys feel about maybe having Sam tag along on tour with us?" I asked the boys. 

  " That sounds like fun" Ashton said. Everyone agreed. Now all we had to do was get Management and One Direction to approve it. I texted Liam and he said it was fine. While I was doing that the other boys called Management and they said it was fine. YaY! I can't wait to see the look on Sam's face when we told her the news.

   A couple hours later Sam came down and we had the surprise waiting for her. 

     "Surprise!" We all shouted. "You are coming on tour with us!" I shouted 

  "O.M.G. seriously! I can come?" she asked. I nodded and she jumped into m arms.


     Sam's POV

         I then ran to each of them and gave them a hug.  I was so excited to be able to go on tour with them, and O.M.G. I didn't think about this, I am going to meet ONE DIRECTION! I ran up stairs and started packing.

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