Sam Hood is Calum Hood's little sister. She is best friends with the band. What happens when 5SOS goes on tour with One Direction for the second time and Sam tags along. Does Luke finally tell Sam how he feels and does someone else in 1D adapt feelings for her. How does Calum feel that two of his closet friends have a crush on his little sister? Does Sam even like them back? Read to find out more in Torn.


3. Leaving


        Sam's POV

                      As I was putting my luggage into the the trunk of Ashton's car my mom came up to me and said, "Are you sure you don't want to come camping?"

 "I am sure, mom." I replied. It think she was a little worried with me going on tour with my brother. 

 "I will be fine mom." 

 "I know, I know." mom said. 

  Calum came running out the front door saying, "Come on we are going to miss our flight to London." 

My mom then yelled at my brother saying, "Take care of your sister."

 By then we were all in the car and off to the airport. Wow I can't believe I am actually not going camping, and get to spend a whole summer with two of the worlds most famous bands. In the car i was sitting in between Calum and Luke. Ashton was driving and Michael was sitting next to him and the radio was turned up all the way so that Heartbreak Girl was booming loud. 

 Once we got to the airport we ran to the plane and took are seats. WOW, first class.  I was sitting next to Luke.  Ashton and Calum were sitting together, and Michael was sitting with a random person. When the plane took off I fell asleep, I was so tired. 

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