Sam Hood is Calum Hood's little sister. She is best friends with the band. What happens when 5SOS goes on tour with One Direction for the second time and Sam tags along. Does Luke finally tell Sam how he feels and does someone else in 1D adapt feelings for her. How does Calum feel that two of his closet friends have a crush on his little sister? Does Sam even like them back? Read to find out more in Torn.


13. I am almost 18!

Luke's POV 


        Sam and I were now walking hand and hand down the quiet streets. Tonight was our last night in England and tomorrow we are going to France.  I had a whole night planned for Sam and I. We were going to go out for dinner and then we were just going to walk around for a bit. 

 " Luke" She says " where are we going?"

" Well first we are going out to dinner then I was thinking we could walk around a little." I said. We then got to the restaurant.

" Hi my name is Lily, and I will be your sever." She said while seating us. I can't believe I actually found a place that was opened this late at night.

" What can I get you tonight?" Lily asked.

" I will have the Lasagna." Sam said

" Make that two." I said handing the waitress our menu's.

" Wow this place is pretty." Sam said looking around.

" Not as pretty as you" I said to her. Since we were sitting next to each other I leaned in to kiss her. Just when our lips were about to touch her phone rang. She picked it up.


Sam's POV

    Luke was just about to kiss me when my phone rang.

 " Hello?" I said 

 " Sam where are you?" Calum asked

 " Calum I'm fine. Don't worry." I said 

  " Where are you? Come back to the bus now." He said 

   " NO! I can do whatever I want I am almost 18." I said yelling at him and then I hung up the phone.

   "Sorry it was Calum." I say to Luke. He didn't say anything instead he leaned in and kissed me.




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