Sam Hood is Calum Hood's little sister. She is best friends with the band. What happens when 5SOS goes on tour with One Direction for the second time and Sam tags along. Does Luke finally tell Sam how he feels and does someone else in 1D adapt feelings for her. How does Calum feel that two of his closet friends have a crush on his little sister? Does Sam even like them back? Read to find out more in Torn.


4. England


         Luke's POV

                              As soon as we took off, Sam had fallen asleep on my shoulder. She was so cute when she was sleeping. I took a picture of her and posted it on twitter. 

        She was so cute. I have always had feelings for Sam, but it might be awkward between me, her and Calum. I mean, I would be dating my best friends sister. That would just be weird. I couldn't keep my feelings inside any longer I just had to tell someone. I have felt this way for three years, but if I told her and she didn't have feelings for me I couldn't bare to see her anymore. I knew who I would tell, Ashton. He will know what to do. Meanwhile, I will just wait till we land. Another 20 hours of waiting. FUN...........................................(sarcasm)

            We finally landed and Sam was still sleeping, so I decided to wake her up.

 "Sam" I whispered while poking her shoulder, "Sam"

  "What??" She said waking up. 

  "Were here." I replied. 

  "Really." She asked.

   "No!" I said "I just woke you up because I was bored." I said Sarcastic

    "Hahahahaha..." She said


      We got off the plane and went to a limo. WOW there were a lot of screaming girls here.


    Sam's POV

                            I woke up to find my head on Luke's shoulder. That was embarrassing, I can't let Luke know I have a crush on him. What if he docent feel the same way. Anyway, when we got off the plane we met up with Ashton, Michael, and Calum. When we went outside, there were 1,000 screaming girls there. To be honest I was scared. What if there were gonna attack us or something. I could Calum was protecting me, he did not let go of my hand.  After we walked into a limo, and I decided to go on my phone. On twitter, I saw a picture of me sleeping. I wonder when that was from. I looked at the person who posted it. O.M.G. it was Luke. I immediately screamed," O.M.G. you did not LUKE!!!!!!!!" 

 All the boys were all confused, but Luke. He had the biggest grin on his face.

 "What did he do?" Michael asked

  "Go on your twitter." I said 

  All the boys went on there twitter, and started laughing. 

  "Its not funny." I said mad. 

  "It sort of is." Calum said laughing. 

  The picture of me sleeping was sort of funny, and it already had over 2000 re-tweets. I maybe wasn't popular at school, but at least I was popular on twitter. 

 A few hours later, we arrived at a stadium, it was huge.  The only concert I have been to is my brothers. When we walked in I saw 5 boys standing there. I started fangirling, but I didn't show it. 

The boys started walking to us. " Hey Calum, Luke, Ashton, and Michael." Harry screamed. "And this must be your sister, Calum. " Harry said

"Hi" I said 

"She is a bit of a fangirl" Calum said. I then slapped him. He was already embarrassing me and it hasint even been an hour. The boys then all introduced themselves, even though I already knew who they were. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. I could tell this was going to be the best summer ever. The boys then started rehearsing for there concert the next day.

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