Sam Hood is Calum Hood's little sister. She is best friends with the band. What happens when 5SOS goes on tour with One Direction for the second time and Sam tags along. Does Luke finally tell Sam how he feels and does someone else in 1D adapt feelings for her. How does Calum feel that two of his closet friends have a crush on his little sister? Does Sam even like them back? Read to find out more in Torn.


10. AKWARD!!!!!!!


    Sam's POV

                     When I lent in and kissed Niall, I felt sparks, fireworks you should say. I have only felt that with one other guy in my life, Luke. I felt so many sparks that I didn't even hear Louis say stop. Niall and I just continued to kiss until Calum grabbed be and literaly pulled me away from Niall. Everyone was looking me, it was really weird. I looked at Luke who looked mad. I got up and went to the bathroom. I don't know what I was feeling. I felt happy but also mad. I loved Luke, but do I have feelings now for Niall? I have just met him, but I feel like I know him. I mean I read all about them and Calum always tells stories about them. But do I love him like I love Luke? I was so confused.


     Calum's POV 

                   I wasn't happy with the dare Louis gave Sam, but when she kept kissing him, I got really mad. I don't want to see my little sister dating any of my friends, I don't want her getting hurt. They were still kissing I got up grabbed Sam and took her away from Niall. Sam them ran away backstage somewhere. Then Niall got up and walked away, then Luke, then Ashton followed Luke. Eleanor, Perrie, and Sophia got up too. I got up and went to go find Sam. I was walking around for awhile, then I heard crying, it was coming from Liam's dressing room, I knocked on the door, then Liam came out of his dressing room. 

"What's up?" He said 

"Did I just hear crying?" I asked him "Like a girls cry." 

"No, your probably just hearing things." He said.

"Have you seen Sam anywhere?" I asked

"Nope." he said rushed and walked back into his room. That was weird. 


  Sam's POV

                I started to cry, my feelings were so mixed up I didn't know what to do. I heard a knock then on the bathroom door. 

"Sam? Is that you?" I heard a voice I had no idea who it was, except that its was a male. 

" Who is it?" I said while crying.

"Its Liam, are you okay?" he asked

" Ya." I was lying. I think he could tell.

" Come on Sam be honest ." he said 

I opened up the door to revile all my makeup running. 

"Come hear" he said and he gave me a hug. I haven't really had a good conversation with Liam, but I knew I could trust him. We walked to his dressing room and I sat on the couch with him.

"So what's wrong Sam?" Liam asked me I told him everything. It felt so good to tell someone. Then we heard a knock at the door it was Calum. Liam went out for a second to talk to him and then he came back in. 

"If you ever need to talk to someone you can always come to me, even when we are off tour just FaceTime me or something." Liam said 

"Thanks" I said and gave him a hug. "Can I hang hear for a while I don't really want to go talk to anyone now." 

"Sure, I have to go out and do some last minute rehearsals, but other than that help yourself to anything in the room." Liam said and then he left. I was looking around for a bit and I grabbed an apple I then sat on the couch and went on my phone. My phone then dinged. 


 Where r u.... r u okay... -Luke xoxo 

I am fine - Sam xoxo 

I didn't want to tell him anything..............



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