The Monsters in My Closet

What if there was a such things as monsters? Or does the only monsters dwell within us? There are gruesome scenes.


2. Into the Gates of Hell

And with that my mouth opens as if I'm about to scream but I'm so traumatized no sound escapes from my trembling lips. This is what happens when no one believes you. This is what occurs after crying wolf. This is what happens when no trust is established between two individuals. Through the open closet door I see the other beasts coming out to play. Ugly figures with hate twisted into the faces. Malice lingers in their hearts. Evil in their souls. Their features are torted and disfigured into snarls of hatred. The purest form of evil lies in their eyes and they're coming straight towards me. One in the shape of a boar grabs my leg, while another takes the form of a bear hybrid snatches my arm. They're finally doing it. Taking me to their lair. The evil fortress were my life will be taken away from me. This is where I find my voice to scream. I yell with the top of my lungs for someone to come save me from this unbearable fate ,but it's to late for me. When my lower body is in the closet I, try to hang on to the door frame. This is my only chance to save my self. Just when I'm losing my strength, my parents come crashing in the room to only see there only son be taken away by the Devil's henchmen themselves. My mother lets out a bloodcurdling scream only to be silenced by a creature ripping of her lower jaw. Deep red blood squirts all over the walls spraying everything in the room. Ten piranha like creatures dash towards her and immediately rip out her guts and start feasting on my mother's still beating heart."NOOOOO!!!", I bellow out in grief as the first tears stream out of my eyes. "RUN!!!", I try to warn my dad, but the hellions are already sprinting towards him before he can pivot and escape from the room. A hyena type creature rips his throat out and my throat constricts with emotions. His blood splatters my eyes and I throw up uncontrollably. "No one is spared when we thirst.", the master demon booms from across my bed. He's been watching this whole thing with a smirk on his face. I would do anything to kill all these sons of bitches. To send them back to the rotting pit that they once came from. "YOU!", I say without an once of fright in my body. I get up and rush toward the demon monster to only be thrown against the wall by an invisible force. "Oh Kenny, don't you know?", he says as he stalks slowly towards me. "You're one of us." he says, smirk widening into a grin. "You're a liar.", I whisper as he gets in my face. " If you don't believe me all you have to do is wake up." And then he widens his mouth, jaw unhinging,mouth spread as wide as my head and aims for my neck.

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