The Monsters in My Closet

What if there was a such things as monsters? Or does the only monsters dwell within us? There are gruesome scenes.


1. A Bump in the Night

I hate the dark. No one believes me that there's something in my closet. I swear every night exactly at 12 it calls my name. I know this sounds crazy but I'm actually 17 years old. Yeah you might call me a little bitch but I don't care. They're real. I know they are. I can hear them scraping their nails against the door. And no I'm not hallucinating. When I wake up, if I get sleep that is, there are scratch marks on the inside of my closet door. Sometimes when I'm almost asleep I feel something whisper in my ear. When I wake up nothing's there. I tried telling someone, but they called me a wuss. Hey you can't blame them right? No one believes me and it gets worse every night.This morning I woke up to find red festering claw marks on my arms and legs. No way in hell can I show that to anybody. They'll probably think I did it to make them believe me. I even tried moving to a different room. I had two peaceful nights with no whispers or scratches. Then on the third night they came back. Their whispers where louder, closer, faster. They started to show themselves to me. The most prominent one resembled a man. It was 6 feet tall with gray dead skin. He smelled of rotten, decaying flesh and his eyes were those of the bloodiest red. His teeth were sharp as needle points, his nails were yellow talons of the most predatory animal. I watched in horror as he stalked his way out of my closest. I was frozen with the utmost terror unable to pull the sheets above my head, like that would save me. He walked slowly towards me like he knew I wouldn't be going anywhere. When he finally made it to my bedside my eyes was still stuck on the entry way unto which he came. He was the picture of a demon you would imagine, that was sent to carry you away to Hell. He slowly bent over, building the dread and anticipation in my body. "What is he going to do to me?", I wondered. "Will he kill me? Devour me? Torture me? What is he waiting for?". Sweat was running down my face in massive amounts. I thought this torturement wouldn't end when he finally said, "Boo.".

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