Why Me Hemmings?...(Luke Hemmings Fanfic)

Beka was a normal teenage girl. She lived in Sydney Australia and went moved from homeschooling to Sydney High. She's the new girl in school and has no friends. But what happens when she makes a bad impression on the school's most popular blond, Eva, and she is being bullied. She is tormented every day by her enemie, Eva, and her little squad of minions. But what happens when Luke Hemmings, the school bad boy and one of her bullies, starts to have feelings for her? Will he save her or will Eva keep them apart? Will Luke's buddies, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood, like her and stay on his good side? Or will she end up giving in and leaving life? Read "Why Me Hemmings?...(Luke Hemmings Fanfic)" to find out!!!...

(The boys aren't famous and they are all in High School!!!)


3. Luke Stop It

Beka's P.O.V.


Eva looked at Luke like she was gonna kill him. I have to say, I was pretty scared of her, but Luke was tough...


"Did you just sass me, Hemmings?!...", Eva glared at him and sashayed over to his side.


"Sure did, bitch!", Luke glared at her and moved away from her embrace.


"Awwwwww, little 'Bad Boy Lukey' has a crush!", Eva smirked at Luke. Moking him sticking up for me for once.


I stood up and ran. I dint know why, but I was crying, I think I have a chrush on Luke Hemmings!


I went and threw my stuff away in the trash and went to find Evan. I found him in his usual spot, hiding underneath the water fountain, where everyone could see poor little Evan...


"Hey 'Kiddo'..."' I smile and poke him in the shoulder as he turns around from underneath the fountain and looks at me.


"OH THANK GOD YOU'RE OK, I thought for sure Eva was gonna kill you this time!!!", Evan shouted, attacking me with hugs and smiling at me with his goofy little braces-full mouth.


"I love you buddy...", I hugged him, he smiled and pet my hair like I was a dog.


"I love you to 'Sis'...", Evan whispered to me, pulling away from my embrace and saying 'Goodbye' and walking to his locker to get the stuff for his next class of the day.


"Looks like the little bitch's got a sweet little geeky boyfriend...", Eva said, walking up to me with her hands on her hips, shoving me to the ground and punching me in the nose.


"TeeHee, omg, she looks like a dead guy, ya know, from the blood dripping out of her nose?!", one of her dumbass minions giggled like a airhead, twirling her hair in knots and circles on her finger and chewing on her gum loudly, she sounded like a cow.


"Pfff, hoe...", I mutter under my breath as Eva leaves me on the floor.


"Beka!!! Are you allright?!!!", I hear the hauntingly farmilliar voice say as as I feel footsteps shuffling towards me across the hard, cold, tile floor.


Luke helped me up and held me in his arms for a while.


I shoved away, "What is with you?...", I shoved him away from me, confused and angry, for some oddly random reason.


"Wh-what?...", Luke asked, looking hurt, sad, confused, and concerned all at the same time.


"Get away from me, your not my fucking boyfriend!", I shoved him away even further and harder, he looked at me like he was a sad, lost, puppy dog. Oh shit, he's been the one protecting me for the last couple of days! Now Eva's gonna kill me. What did I just get myself into...




Hey guys, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY I haven't been updating. Between school and band concerts and swim team and homework and all that crap, I've been SO busy and I wish I could have updated sooner and faster. Anyways, thanks for sticking with me and keep reading! I love you all SO MUCH!!! Keep reading, like, comment, favorite, and tell your friends! Thanks and, once again, I appologise for making you gys wait so long, LOVE YA!!!





P.S. : Love you guys, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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