Why Me Hemmings?...(Luke Hemmings Fanfic)

Beka was a normal teenage girl. She lived in Sydney Australia and went moved from homeschooling to Sydney High. She's the new girl in school and has no friends. But what happens when she makes a bad impression on the school's most popular blond, Eva, and she is being bullied. She is tormented every day by her enemie, Eva, and her little squad of minions. But what happens when Luke Hemmings, the school bad boy and one of her bullies, starts to have feelings for her? Will he save her or will Eva keep them apart? Will Luke's buddies, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood, like her and stay on his good side? Or will she end up giving in and leaving life? Read "Why Me Hemmings?...(Luke Hemmings Fanfic)" to find out!!!...

(The boys aren't famous and they are all in High School!!!)


1. In Hell

Beka's P.O.V.


I wake up on the floor again, obviously I had sleep walked last night. I pull myself out of bed, yawning and walking over to the bathroom. I curled the ends of my hair and put on my favorite baby blue beanie. I walked over to my closet and slid on my favorite white tank that sat on my boobs and flowed at the ends, it said "Okay? Okay.", on it like The Fault In Our Stars. I put on some jean short shorts with rips in the and my galaxy converse. My parents don't live with me so I am all alone in my tiny apartment.

 I was walking on the sidewalk to school when I feel a hand on my shoulder. Whoever it was, whorled me around. Its Eva. Shit.

"Hey bitch, get your own sidewalk, no one wants to walk in the same place as you, freak!", she says, smirking and shoving me to the ground, stepping on my stomach with her fancy nude-colored high heels. I winded and held my stomach. Her little minions all glaring and smirking at me evilly, as if they were egging her on to do more.

"Ahh, the Evil Queen and her ugly Flying Monkeys are back from their labyrinths and caves of hell...", I said, trying to confuse their dumb, elementary level minds, with my poetic insults. I don't think they got it, they were all staring at me with dazed looks, obviously trying to figure out what I meant.

"Uhh... Uhh... Wh-whatever...", Eva flips her hair, obviously trying to cover up her confusedness. She just stomped me in the crouch with her heels again and walked around me like I was a hole in the ground.

"Are you allright?", I heard a farmiliar voice behind me. It was Evan, we have been friends since preschool. He was very tall and had shaggy brown hair and freckles. He always wore a needy t-short and jeans with his black converse that used to be white, like today he wore a shirt that said "BAZINGA" on it, like the Big Bang Theory. He haloed me up and we walked to school together, like we do every morning. I have to say, he is pretty attractive and all, but I will never fall for him, he's to much like a brother to me, we practically LIVE together! He's not the type to stay around me when I'm being bullied though, which is fine, I mean, I just don't want my little Evan to get hurt.

"Ya, I'm fine...", I said, brushing myself off and continuing to walk to school...

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