The House Of Never Return (WWE Fanfic)

House Of Never Return; The WWE Talents were in Connecticut to meet Mr. McMahon at the headquarter, they were told to spend the week and clean the Millerton's house if they wanted a raise for their job. No one wanted to volunteered after they heard what happened in that house. With hesistations, 14 talents, 7 Divas and 7 Superstars volunteered to help. When they arrived to the hotel, they had an unexpected guest they were never told of. When things started to get strange at the Millerton's, they blamed the guest by the name of Kim Miller... ton.


1. The Millerton's

Nikki: I wonder what's gonna happen? 

Brie: I don't know, I guess well know when we get there. 

All: *arrives at the headquarter* 

Mr. McMahon: Hello everyone, I'm glad most of you made it here. As you all know we are on a budget now, but if you all want a raise, I have another job for you all. If you volunteer to spend the week and clean the Millerton's house up in the hills, you will get $250 raise on your paycheck. Now who wants to volunteer? 

All: *looks at eachother* 

Dean: When do we start? 

Mr. McMahon: Tomorrow. 

Kelly: What about the show? 

Mr. McMahon: Other's will take over, we just need 14 to go. 

John: Nikki and I will go. 

Mr. McMahon: Anyone else? 

Bryan: Count me and Brie too. 

Roman: Dean, Seth, and I will. 

Mr. McMahon: That's 7, I need 7 more. 

Eve: I'll do it. 

Kelly: Yeah, me too. 

Mike: Maryse and I will try to. 

Mr. McMahon: It's a yes or no. 

Mike: Ok fine, we will. 

Mr. McMahon: 3 more? 

Randy: I'll go. 

Mr. McMahon: Summer, how about you and Eva as well. 

Summer: What? 

Eva: I can't do it. 

Mr. McMahon: Eva, I think you'll need the push, and Summer, I want you to go. 

Summer: Fine. 

Eva: If Summer's going then, I will too then. 

Mr. McMahon: Good. Stephanie and Triple H. will be there to guide and watch as well. Have a good day tomorrow, and as for the others see you all on Raw tomorrow. *walks off* 

Nikki: *packing* Do you think they house will be haunted? 

Brie: Nicole! Stop it! I don't want to go if it is. 

Kelly: You think we'll be ok? 

Maryse: You guys, the Millerton's were murdered in that house. What if they're spirit's haunts us. *laughs* 

Nikki: Shut up Maryse! 

Maryse: I'm just saying. 

Eva: *walks in with summer* You guys, I don't really want to go. 

Eve: You have to Eva, it's for your raise and I'm sure you'll get the push for it afterwards. 

Eva: I better. *laughs* 

(The Next Day) 

Triple H: Alright is everyone in the bus? 

All: Yes. 

Stephanie: Now, we are all adults here, we will be on our best behavior and all act like the adults that we already are. 

All: Got it. 

Stephanie: Also, this isn't vacation, you all will work hard. 

Summer: Are you guys helping to or? 

Triple H: Steph and I will also be helping, but more like babysitting you guys. 

Eva: Right, so what happens if we don't clean it? 

Stephanie: It's been 5 months since the murder, no one's came to clean the place up, we will be the first to. 

Randy: What is the schedule? 

Triple H: Good question, we'll rest and eat when we get there. Hope you all got a sleeping bag or something to sleep on since we'll each be taking a room. 

Stephanie: Also, I hope you all brought comfortable clothing as well. 

Eva: Well I brought my wrestling gear, is that ok? 

Stephanie: *looks at triple h* I'll let you answer that Hunter.  

Triple H: I guess that's ok too, but I prefer clothes that covers yours skin. You won't know what you'll run into. 

Eva: Oh no, I brought extra's too, just saying. *laughs* 

Dean: Idiot. 

Triple H: That's good, alright, let's go then. 

Bus Driver: *drives* 

Stephanie: I'm sorry, what was your name again? 

Bus Driver: Bob. 

Stephanie: Thank you Bob. 

All: *sleeping on the bus* 

Bus Driver: *pulls over* We're here. 

Triple H: Alright, wake up! 

All: *wakes up* 

Brie: Ew, the house looks scary. 

Nikki: Ew? Ok Brie. *smiles* 

All: *grabs their suitcases and bags* 

John: You alright? 

Nikki: Yeah. *smiles* 

John: Ok, let's go. 

All: *walks into the house* 

Kelly: *covers her mouth* It skinks. 

Randy: Of course, no one's touched this house since the murder. *walks in the house* 

(Later That Night) 

Triple H: Steph and I will take the master room; Eva and Summer share a room, Seth and Randy, Dean and Roman, Mike and Maryse, Bryan and Brie, John and Nikki, and Kelly and Eve. 

Dean: Why since they get a girl, why don't we all share a room with one of the other females? 

Stephanie: Dean, no. 

Dean: Alright. 

Triple H: Alright, get to bed, we have to wake up early tomorrow to start cleaning. 

All: *goes to bed* 

(Later On Towards 3 AM) 

Kim: *knocks on the door* 

Brie: Did you hear that? 

Bryan: *sleeping* Hear what? 

Kim: *knocks on the door again* 

Brie: That! *sits up* 

Kim: *knocks on the door harder* 

Bryan: *opens the door* 

John: What was that? 

Bryan: I don't know. 

Randy: *opens the door* Did you guys hear that? 

Kim: *knocks again* 

Eva/Summer: *screams* 

John: Shhh! 

Kim: Hello?! 

Triple H: *opens the door* What are you guys doing? 

John: You don't hear that? 

Kim: *bangs on the door* 

Triple H: *takes out his sledgehammer* Follow slowly behind. *leads first* 

Stephanie: Girls, stay close. 

Triple H: *peeks thru the hole* I don't see anyone. 

Kim: *pops up* 

Triple H: *gets scared and moves back* What the hell?  

Kim: *knocks again* 

Triple H: *slowly opens the door* Yes? 

Kim: *smiles* Hi, can I come in? 

Triple H: Who are you? 

Kim: I was sent here to help clean the house, I was told you guys would also be here. 

Triple H: Who sent you? 

Kim: My boss from another company. 

Triple H: Who else is with you? 

Kim: Just me. 

Triple H: *opens the door wider* Come in. 

Kim: *walks into the house* Wow, it's beautiful. 

Triple H: Yeah. 

Dean: *looks at kim* Damn. 

Triple H: Who sent you again? 

Kim: My boss. *smiles* 

Triple H: What's your name? 

Kim: Kim Miller. 

Triple H: Oh okay? We weren't notified that you will be here. 

Kim: Yes, it was a last minute decision. 

Triple H: We were just sleeping, go ahead and grab a room upstairs with the girls. 

Dean: She can sleep with me and Roman. 

All: Dean! 

Dean: What? I thought it would be more fun that way. 

Stephanie: Remember what I said in the bus Dean. 

Dean: Ok, I got it! Goodnight. *walks off to bed* 

Kelly: *smiles* You can sleep with us. 

Summer: No! I am not sleeping alone with Eva in that room! 

Triple H: Fine, if you 5 can fit in a bed then stay together in one room, we can use that other room for extra. 

Kim: *smiles* We can all sleep together. I think it'll be safer that way. 

Eva: Good. *walks off* 

Stephanie: Alright everyone, off to bed, c'mon. 

All: *goes to bed*

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